Are you preparing for the next marathon or are you just trying to lose weight faster? You need to slow down a little bit because taking small steps is the best way to get some results. People who make one small and permanent change in their food choices or physical activity each week are losing more belly fat than those who follow strict diet plan and exercise until they pass out. It’s more important to ingrain healthy habits that will last for a lifetime, rather than choosing an intensive regime that is hard to follow. The following simple steps will help you eat less, move more and feel better than before. These steps proved that you’ll lose nearly 3 inches off your waistline in a few months if you implement just one or two of them each week. Prepare for the simplest yet revolutionary healthy habits that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Keep a Food Journal

Write down how much you’ve eaten in order to practice portion control. This way you’ll control any intake of extra calories. People who kept food journals lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t. The food journal will also give you insight on your eating habits. After all, knowing your routine can help you figure out what changes are right for you.

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Get Physical During Commercials

So, you’re watching your favorite show, right? Dance, run up the stairs or jump in place during the commercials. It will get your heart rate up. For instance, if you’re watching TV for 2 hours, you’ll burn over 200 extra calories each day during commercials.

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Limit Foods High in Fat

We all have our own favorite high-fat foods like cookies, ice cream, fries, chips, candy… If you are consuming them frequently, try to cut back just one of them a week. The next week drop another high-fat food and so on. As time passes, you’ll end up with just one of them and you’ll see it as a treat. Turn to baby carrots, broccoli, fresh fruits and veggies instead.

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Choose an e-Newsletter and Sign Up

People who received daily or weekly e-mails about diet, fitness and motivation got involved in physical activity. They also increased the intake of healthy foods and cut back the unhealthy fats.

Keep Walking and Climbing

Increasing your daily activity level by just 5 minutes at a time helps you lose weight. 30 minutes of physical activity a day is a good goal, but take it step by step not all at once. You can park your car a little bit further and walk 5 more minutes to the grocery store. Or you can always take the stairs and avoid escalators. 2 to 3 minutes of stair climbing per day will burn enough calories to shape your waistline.

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Mini Training

Try out some basic body-weight exercises to build more metabolism-revving muscles. These mini exercises as just as effective as working out in the gym. Each exercise should fatigue your muscles within 60 to 90 seconds. You can do 10 reps each of squats, crunches, lunges, knee push-ups and chair dips. After that you can increase the number of reps in order your muscles to feel fatigued.

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Use a Pedometer

This accessory is a must-have because research shows that people who use pedometers take at least 2,500 more steps a day than nonusers. This way you can lose over 10 pounds per year, just by walking.

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The One Mile Rule

This rule is very simple. As it was said before, burn calories instead of gas by not driving your car to a distance that is less than a mile away. For instance, try to walk at a brisk pace instead. If you obey this rule, you’ll be 13 to 17 pounds lighter within a year.

Strategically Analyze your Treats

Take your favorite treat and put one serving on a plate. Than look at it, smell it and have a bite. Chew slowly, taste every flavor and think about how much bites will satisfy you. Do you want another bite? Does it worth it? If you already had another bite, chew it even more slowly. When you slow down the time of eating and experiencing the tastes little longer, you’ll feel more satisfied. At the end, you’ll end up not enjoying the treat as much as you used to or you will be contend with just a couple of bites. That’s a good start to trade your sweet-treats with fresh-treats.

Eat Fruit Instead of Drinking it

By eating fruit you get more heart-healthy fiber in your diet than by drinking a fruit juice and you’ll also feel full longer. By chewing a food we generate more saliva and our brain is getting our gut ready for digestion. Drinking doesn’t require the same type of digestion so the body doesn’t register the digestion call the same way. Plus, juices have more calories than fresh fruit.

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Get any Kind of Support

Tell your family you are making changes in your diet and talk about your goal. Do not obsess about it, just throw a thought or two every once in a while. Ask a friend to be your exercise partner or see a health counselor. People who had some kind of social support lost more than 15 pounds in 9 months.

Coffee Anyone? Black for me, Please

The daily coffee habit is pretty much responsible for weight gain or weight loss. Say no-no to those fancy lattes, full of milk, sugar, creams and sprinkles that look more like desserts instead of an old school coffee. By drinking your coffee black or just with a sip of milk, you’ll have the chance to lose 18 pounds over a year.

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Lose Weight While Sleeping

Research found that few nights of sleep deprivation leads to weight gain. Participants who were subjected to sleep-deprivation gained almost 3 pounds in 10 days. If you have to choose a side, choose to be in the well-rested group of people, sleeping away 8 hours per night that will lead to healthy weight loss.