Can you believe that 69% of US adults are considered to be overweight or obese? You are putting down your french fry as you are reading this, right?

Calm down, since this article is about consuming too little fat. Some people completely eliminate fat out of their diets while others consume the wrong kind of fat. But both cases can cause all sorts of health problems such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes or high cholesterol. It is clear that saturated or trans fats negatively affect your health and they are known as bad fats.

Fat in your Diet

But monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) and polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) are actually good for you if you eat them in moderation. At the same time, getting a good mix of essential fatty acids (EFAs) like omega-3 is important for the body in so many ways. For example, from reducing inflammation to fighting dementia. Because the Standard American Diet is known to be full of omega-6 rich foods (cooking oils, baked and packaged goods), we need to keep things balanced and consume more food rich in omega-3. If you recognize any of the following signs, that means you are not getting enough fat in your diet.

1. Your Skin Is Dry

If you are suffering from dry, itchy skin or even flaky skin, you should consider eating more olive oil, avocados and nuts. This way you’ll give your body the fatty acids it needs. Soon, your skin will get naturally moisturized.

fat in your diet

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2. If You Are Feeling Depressed Or Angry

EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids are highly effective in preventing and managing depression. If you are suffering from sudden mood swings, eating fatty fish, flax seeds and chia seeds will help you stabilize your mood. No wonder why Scandinavians have low rates of depression. Studies have proven that omega-3 fatty acids can be more effective than antidepressant medications. Deficiencies in these healthy fatty acids may lead to hostile and impulsive behavior. It may also make you be more cynical or angry. Include them in your diet and feel the benefits firsthand!

fat in your diet

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3. Having Trouble With The Energy Level

When you get up in the morning you instantly think of a breakfast full of carbs, proteins and fat. Keep in mind that fat is the most concentrated source of energy for the body. Swap the unhealthy fat with a coconut oil. Did you know that you can add a tablespoon of coconut oil to your morning coffee? If you consume healthy fats along with carbohydrates, the fat will slow the digestion of carbohydrates. This procedure may also improve insulin sensitivity.

fat in your diet

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4. Low Libido

Without enough healthy fat in the diet, the body can’t make enough testosterone. Testosterone is important for building muscle, helps recover from workouts and of course, ensures our healthy libido. Fat as a macronutrient, fat plays a big role in physical performance, so include the good fat in your diet.

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5. Your Period Is MIA

Did you know that skimping the dietary fat can mess with your cycle? Your body uses dietary fat to regulate your hormones, so some hormonal imbalances like your period suddenly disappears can be caused by lack of dietary fat in your body.

fat in your diet

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6. You Are Constantly Hungry

Feeling ravenous in the first two hours after eating a good meal, can also be a sign that you are eating too little fat. Dietary fat can make you feel full and regulate your appetite. But keep in mind that certain types of fats are more satisfying than others, like fats found in oily fish, tofu or walnuts. These foods are containing polyunsaturated fatty acids. However, saturated fatty acids should be limited to 7% of your total calorie intake. Get a good mix of PUFAs and MUFAs for a fuller effect.

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7. You Are Feeling Cold All The Time

Skinny people often complain that they are cold most of the time and this can be a sign of fat deficiency. Dietary fat helps the body regulate its core temperature. The layer of fat just beneath the skin has to keep the heat inside and this fat further protects our inner core from extreme temperatures drops. If you are suddenly exposed to a low temperature, this fat deposit will release heat and our core temperature will increase. Having cold hands and cold feet is also a sign of insufficient intake of proper fats. Dietary fat is the definite solution.

fat in your diet

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8. You Are A Booze Lover

If you are frequently drinking more than a serving or two of alcohol, you can get your liver in danger. By increasing the intake of certain fatty acids you can protect your liver from further injury, reduce the toxicity and lessen the hangover effects. The fats in dark chocolate and coconut oil happen to be very helpful when it comes to ‘safe drinking’.

fat in your diet

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9. Having Trouble Concentrating

You are having trouble thinking straight due to the omega-3 fatty acids deficiency which are crucial for memory and mental performance and are highly concentrated in the brain. Dietary fat will help you build cell membranes in the brain. Also, a barrier of fatty insulation around each nerve fiber will be produced, enabling these fibers to carry messages to the brain even faster than before. Now, this is essential for efficient brain function.

fat in your diet

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10. Having Trouble Losing Weight

No, this is not contradictory at all. If you get rid of fat in your diet, you would have to ‘fill the gap’ with other macronutrients like protein and carbs. The best way to lose weight is to decrease your carb intake and increase your dietary fat intake. Soon your body will access fat stored for energy. A handful of nuts will keep you going longer than two sugary cookies, believe me.

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11. Vision Problems Detected

Essential fatty acid deficiency can cause vision problems. Ophthalmologists claim that omega-3s help protect adult eyes from high eye pressure, glaucoma, dry eyes and macular degeneration (the latter is the leading cause of blindness in the world). A study showed that people who ate the most omega-3s were less likely to develop macular degeneration compared to the people who ate less. Eating unhealthy trans fats can actually encourage macular degeneration. No more fried chicken, cookies and crackers if you want to maintain your vision in a perfect state.

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12. Suffering From Joints Pain

Achy joints or arthritis are included in the signs of fat deficiency. Athletes can be affected too. If this is the case, you must add some healthy fats to your diet. You’ll reduce inflammation by eating only the good fats. Omega-3 fatty acids may also decrease symptoms of morning stiffness or swollen joints and at the same time it will help increase blood flow during exercise. Say NO to trans fats which cause inflammation. Try to eat more olive oil and fish like herring, wild salmon, sardines flax seed and walnuts.

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13. Low HDL Cholesterol In Sight

There are two types of cholesterol: good (HDL) and bad (LDL). The bad cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease, that’s for sure. But lowering the good cholesterol can have negative effects as well. Good fats can fix this. Eating fatty fish several times a week is highly recommended. Salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel are all good but if you can’t stand the smell of fish, you can always buy fish oil supplement instead.

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14. Busy Places Make You Nervous

Getting overwhelmed or irritated in crowded places might be a case of sensory overload. Adding omega-3 and good fats to your diet can make a positive change to your responses. We should all make a daily habit out of the good fats.

fat in your diet

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15. Vitamin Deficiency

If your energy is at low level, it seems logical to pop a multivitamin and carry on. But the real problem may lie in the fact that your body is not absorbing the vitamins properly. If you have deficiency in the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K), that also means you need a little more dietary fat. All these essential vitamins require dietary fat to be absorbed and utilized by the body. This is where coconut oil jumps in. Coconut oil will ensure you get all the benefits from the vitamins you consume. It’s improving the absorption of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

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16. If You Are Diabetic

According to recent research, a high-fat, low-carb diet can have a more positive effect on blood sugar levels when compared to low-fat diets. Lean meats, olive oil and whole nuts are rich in healthy fat and are highly recommended. On the other hand, diabetics must avoid white rice, white flour and sugar.

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– Keeping the balance is key when it comes to dietary fats
– Always prefer eating MUFAs and PUFAs (omega-3s), although a little saturated fat is fine too
– Keep your exercise regimen going