It is no secret that anything natural is very beneficial for your health. Therefore, we have one remedy that can keep you immune to illnesses and in good condition. It is a German recipe that only contains 3 ingredients: lemon, ginger and garlic.

Cure whole Organism with this Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

via flickr by Ivana Vasilj licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This drink works miraculously on your organism and is particularly good for people who deal with high cholesterol, any other circulatory diseases and cardiovascular diseases as well. Also, the emission of free radicals can cost you your health and this drink will also help you prevent that damage on your body. Among the numerous benefits this drink offers, here are some more of them:

  •  Cold would not be an issue anymore and moreover you will easily deal with infections
  •  The fat in your blood vessels will be gone if you consume it regularly
  •  The immune system will work fantastically and you will be able to fight diseases and infections easily
  •  The liver and it enzymes will regain their normal function
  •  You won’t feel fatigued

How to Prepare this Extraordinary Drink

Natural Ingredients

via flickr by Tristan Farsac licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

All you need is 4 lemons with their peel on, 4 large garlic bulbs, ginger root (3-4 cm, and 2 liters of filtered water.
Firstly, you prepare the ingredients. You start by washing the lemons and cutting them into slices. Then you peel and clean the garlic cloves. Next thing you do, you put them into a blender and add the ginger root. Blend the ingredients together and after that put them in a pan together with the 2 l of water.

Put the pan with the mixture to heat and stir it all the time until it boils. After you see it boiling, take it off the heat and leave it there to cool down. You do not drink the mixture with all the ingredients in but take a strainer and strain it in glass bottles. Do not get put off by the fact that you need to drink garlic, since you won’t feel its smell due to the lemon. The lemon neutralizes the smell and the taste of the garlic while they cook.

The best time to drink it is 2 hours before a meal, every day. Make sure you shake the drink before you consume it so the little pieces that are left inside do not stay at the bottom of the bottle. Those are the ones that make the drink so beneficial and healthy.