The first kiss is the most important thing when starting a relationship. You might be spending days in planning how to kiss your new girlfriend for the first time. However, the first kiss may not be as magical as you have imagined it.

While romantic and passionate kisses leave the girl desiring more, the bad ones can ruin the possibility of building a potential relationship, which is why you have to be aware of certain styles of kissing that every woman hates. Here are the worst types of kisses which you have to avoid.

6 Types of Kisses

Sloppy Kiss

This type of kiss is probably the most disliked one, so when you kiss someone, you should avoid trying to fit your entire mouth inside of hers. Start by kissing slowly and pace up after a while, but don’t use too much force right at the beginning.

Suffocating Smooch

As much as you want to make a girl feeling breathless, you should avoid making her feel as if she is dying. So, while the two of you are kissing, you have to let her breathe.

The Biter

Biting can be good, especially if you do it gently and softly. However, you may bite only occasionally. Otherwise, you will scare her away.

Little Pecks

When you and your girlfriend are having a romantic moment, you shouldn’t do little pecks. These kisses can kill the passion and make her bored. The little peck can only be good for a goodbye kiss.

Too Much Tongue

One of the biggest mistakes that you can do when you kiss someone is to use too much tongue. Kisses that involve using too much force with your tongue are huge deal breakers since they can make her want to throw up.

Dead Lips

While kissing, you should never let your lips stay still. If you do so, you will give her an impression that you are not that into her, and she will instantly lose interest in you.