Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard, like everything else. Well, except for giving up. Giving up is very easy. Resisting the temptations is tough. Ice creams and barbecues everywhere. Don’t forget that the number of that pizza delivery service is on speed dial. With so many options out there, how can we possibly stay healthy and eat quality food? We can agree that even though diets are making positive changes to many of us, they can be hard to follow. Here’s the trickiest part about 8 famous diets that work:

Vegetarian Diet

What’s the catch? This diet is saying a big NO to meat, fish and sea food but dairy is allowed.

The downside: Because vegetarian diet is low in protein and high in fat and carbohydrate, it is first advisable to take a step by step plan. You can go vegetarian for a while because it allows dairy products which means you’ll meet your calcium and vitamin D requirements and your bones will remain in a healthy, strong state. You won’t have deficiency in B12 either which is important for cell metabolism. After you’ll become nutrition-wise you can start thinking about going vegan, which says no-no to dairy too. It’s up to you to make the right choice.

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Vegan diet

What’s the catch? No animal products allowed!

The downside: In case you decide to turn vegan, fulfilling your nutrient need will take ages regarding the meal preparation. Wisely selecting fortified products is the key to getting enough nutrients. Vitamin B12 or vitamin D that are found in animal sources should be taken as supplements. Meeting the vitamin D requirements is pretty much hard for vegans.

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What’s the catch? Eating plant-based foods, as the Mayo Clinic defines it. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts and legumes are allowed.

The downside: Costs are also the downside of this diet. Purchasing of quality organic foods can empty your wallet, and time spent in the kitchen will close your day. At the same time, sweets and meat are limited to almost zero intake.

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What’s the catch? Flaxitarians mostly eat plants, meat is consumed but rarely.

The downside: The experienced dietitians are saying that preparation of the flexitarian meal is the biggest downside. You have to be packed with lots of spare time and investment in purchasing foods because cooking at home is the main idea of this diet plan. Regarding the nutritional needs, they are meeting almost all of them.

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Low-carb diet

What’s the catch? The low-carb diet is mostly focused on plants and meat. Sugar, milk, fruit and bread are not allowed.

The downside: I assume we can take on the reduction of bread, grains, milk or yogurt, but I personally can’t imagine not being able to eat starchy vegetables and fruit. This diet plan may lead to calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D and potassium deficiency. It all depends on which carb you eliminate.

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What’s the catch? It’s a high-protein diet, low in carbs, eliminating dairy and grains.

The downside: You need enough calcium for bone health. Following Paleo diet means you are forbidden to eat dairy and fortified grains, therefore calcium levels in the body will be very low. Vitamin D deficiency will eventually appear and you won’t be able to compensate it with sunbathing. You would have to sunbath 12 hours a day and that’s dangerous.

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What’s the catch? It’s a low-carb, high-protein diet. That’s it.

The downside: Some find the following of this diet plan very difficult. In the beginning, the calorie intake is drastically reduced. Cutting down carbohydrates means cutting down fiber as well and nutritionists are concerned that it can lead to increased risk for digestive problems.

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General Weight-Loss Diet

What’s the catch? The diet that is seen on TV and commercial ads and it’s mostly based on pre-packaged meals.

The downside: Lot of money will be spent on these pre-packaged meals which are often high in sodium. This is the reason why it can effect blood pressure and increase retention of fluids. Be careful with this one, ask your doctor for further advice.

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