Hi everyone and welcome to Nutrition Sumo



We are a bunch of enthusiasts with great (almost hedonistic) passion for healthy living, wanting to share our knowledge and experience with everyone who wants to make a step forwards to healthier and happier life.

Why hedonistic? Because we enjoy the effort and most of all, the results. Healthy dieting is not equal to torture and starvation.

Why do this? Because we all deserve it!

When? Now, of course! (Well, it was about time)


We can all agree that the path which leads to happiness cannot be completed without our number one priority in life, and that’s our health. Did you know that according to some Ancient Eastern Philosophies happiness starts from the stomach? There is a direct connection between the food we eat and our personal health. Therefore, food affects our emotions too, not just our physical appearance. This is the reason a whole section is dedicated to healthy food. Other sections are treating physical activities, mental health, cook-it-yourself healthy meals, motivational and successful personal stories, tips for creating better and happier living environment for you and your loved ones and so on…


This blog is created with lots of love and it’s ready to be at your service. We want to share our personal experience and give away the ‘secrets’ on healthy living using a special motto: use what you already got or keep it budget friendly. Our physical and mental health can be easily achieved and maintained, starting this very own day.


IMPORTANT: Dear followers, we’ve done personal researches, food experiments and have tried exercise routines very cautiously under our own personal terms and conditions in order to examine what is good for us, what doesn’t work for us (pros & cons). Every single member of our team has different constitution, needs and habits. The main reason is that human bodies and psyche are all different. Same routine, measures or food choices might work for some of us but not for others. Taking things like blood type, blood pressure, body mass, daily habits, (non)activeness, acute conditions, disorders, mood changes etc. in consideration, you can personally discover what works best for you. Don’t rush with your choices. Read, examine, consult your doctor and then take the next big step.


However, everyone is requested to take responsibility for one’s own actions so PLEASE, if you are determined to make any drastic changes in your diet, body weight or daily habits, WE STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR for further personal advice and observations.


Our philosophy is: Treat nature with care and nature will treat you well AND wisdom, advice and knowledge should be free!


That’s why there’s a little bit of everything that’s good and meaningful over here ,for every generation. The goal remains the same for all of us – healthy and long life expectancy. Remember, health should be free and permanent too. Be determined and make a difference in your life because you deserve the best. There’s a saying that remedy can cost only a penny but one has to find it first and integrate it in our day-to-day life. Sometimes it’s right there in front of us but we would never have guessed it is the exact thing our body needs.


We hope you’ll enjoy our daily updates.

Read, learn, try, enjoy!