Health Condition

The position of the acne on your face and body can expose a lot of information about your health. The appearance of acne on certain areas is connected to different health problems and diseases. Here is a list of health conditions which can be revealed from the location of acne on your body.

Hormonal Imbalance

If you are dealing with hormonal imbalance, you are likely to develop acne on your chin and neck. The acne on this area can indicate that you might be suffering from adrenal gland issue or excessive stress. This is also a sign that you may be consuming too many sodas and sweets.

Stomach Problems

Stomach issues can be revealed by the appearance of acne on your chest area. The acne on this area can be caused by either a digestive problem or an excessive consumption of junk food.

In case you develop acne on your chest, you should consume organic food more frequently.

Increased Stress Levels

Increased levels of stress and tension can cause an occurrence of acne on your shoulder area. High stress levels have a huge impact on your immunity, which leads to an acne development.

High Blood Sugar

If you have acne on your stomach, you may be suffering from high blood sugar. In order to treat this issue, you should avoid eating bread and refined sugar. Instead, you should consume more vegetables and fruits.

Digestive or Nervous System Issues

Acne on your upper and lower back indicate that you could be having problems with either the digestive or the nervous system.

The development of acne on your back is a sign that you have a high-calorie diet. Also, this could signal that you suffer from emotional distress, or that you are not getting enough sleep.

Vitamin Deficiency

Deficiency of vitamins can result in an appearance of acne on your arms. If you suffer from this issue, you should include more organic vegetables and fruits in your diet, rather than taking artificial vitamin supplements.

Poor Personal Hygiene or STDs

Improper personal hygiene can cause acne on the pubic area. In case you develop acnes that are itching, you could be suffering from a sexually transmitted disease. If you notice any acne on this area, you should immediately visit your doctor.

Allergies or Dermal Problems

The appearance of acne on your hips and upper legs is a sign that you are allergic to certain detergents or cosmetics.

On the other hand, acne on your lower legs can develop as a result of waxing or shaving, so you should pay attention to the kind of products that you use.