Cheese is an important dairy product for a person’s health, full with proteins and people use it for the preparation of many meals as well, giving one specific note in every meal.

And the American cheese is one of the most purchased products, and a must-have in almost every kitchen.

See the experiment this woman did with a piece of cheese trying to disprove the theory of the nutritive value of cheese wanting to alert the people to be always careful what they give the children to eat and what they feed themselves with.

I don’t doubt it, many mothers use this type of cheese for the preparation of the delicious cheese sandwiches, considering it melts down when exposed to high heats.

American Grilled Cheese Sandwich

american grilled cheese sandwich

via delish

But according to the video this piece of cheese is having a hard time melting even though it’s heated with a lighter. It seems that it will be easier for the cheese to turn black instead of to melt down.

Yet, there is a reasonable answer for this too. It doesn’t mean that the cheese is not made of natural dairy fat products if it doesn’t melt when exposed to the flame of a lighter.

But this means, that the flame is too cool and there is so much of a heat loss between the flame and the piece of cheese in order for it to melt down.

And the black spots that appear on the cheese are due to the butane and because the cheese is put too close to the fuel source.

And what is even more important is that the American cheese is designed to melt slowly and evenly so it doesn’t run off the sandwiches, as is the matter with slow and long lasting candles.

This is what actually makes the cheese resistant to the cool flame of the lighter, while it is still made of natural dairy ingredients.

If you put the same cheese on low and evenly heated surface, such is in a stove, a pan in the oven or a grill it will melt perfectly confuting the theory the woman from the video wanted to prove.