The most annoying thing for women when they put on their bra or their skinny jeans is the fat bulges that appear around the abdominal area and on the back. However, fat bulges are not only a cosmetic issue, but can cause serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Therefore, people are always trying out different exercises and other ways to get rid of them. However, in order to know how to eliminate that fat in your abdomen you should know that human body contains two kinds of fat tissue: white and brown.

Effective Method for Losing Weight

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White adipose tissue (or white fat) is the one that is predominant in the body. It has a purpose to reserve energy in the body, protects the internal organs and acts as a thermal insulator. It produces leptin, which is a hormone that regulates our appetite.

White fat can be found on the hips, thighs, buttocks, breast, back of the arms, and abdomen. The white adipose tissue should compose not more than 20% of the body weight in men, and 25% of the body weight in women. The excess of it can cause diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

Brown adipose tissue (or brown fat) on the other hand is less present in the human body. Brown fat burns calories, unlike white which stores them, and during that process it generates heat. This fat tissue activates when it is cold and in that circumstances it can even cause appearance of new brown fat cells in the body.

More white fat stores calories, and more brown fat burns them. For that reason, target your brown fat cells and multiply them, so you can burn more energy.

Brown Fat can be Found in weird Places on the Body

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It is usually situated in the neck, the back area, and the shoulders. Also, some researchers have found brown fat in the chests and down the spines in men. However, brown fat is not that prevalent in adults. Mostly babies have it in larger quantities so it can protect them from cold. As a person ages, these cells are less present in the human body.

In adults, different groups of people have different amounts of brown fat. The younger a person is, the more brown fat they have. Also, people who are overweight have it less than those who are skinnier and have lower body mass indexes. Blood sugar levels are also an important factor for the prevalence of brown fat cells. Higher blood sugar levels means less brown fat.

The most Effective way to Activate Brown Fat Cells is by Exposing them to Cold!

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Our bodies burn calories when we are cold since they activate the fat cells to keep the body worm. That is why when you spend too much time inside your home or office, sitting or lying down you are not burning calories. Your body is already warm and it does not need to activate itself. Here are three ways you can activate brown cells:

1. You can turn white fat cells into brown ones and start burning calories is by a practice known as “cold thermogenesis”.

You can do cold thermogenesis by sitting in a cold room with not too much clothes on you. There are 2 types, moderate and hardcore intensity of cold thermogenesis. To expose your body on moderate intensity of thermogenesis sit in a room on 50 to 60 degrees, wearing shorts only.

The hardcore intensity cold thermogenesis means sitting on the same temperature, however, wearing ice vest and shorts full with ice packs. You want to achieve your body to shiver so it can activate to warm itself, thus burning more energy.

2. Another thing you could do is including ice therapy while you are working out. Run on very cold weather, for instance, and do not forget to eat clean and healthy.

3. Last thing you could do is put some ice packs on the places of the skin filled with white fat to turn them into brown fats. Or, you can also put some iced paper towels on your skin, under your shirt for a few minutes.

However, while doing these methods to lose weight, be careful not to cause skin burns. Ice can cause you burn injuries of any type, whether mild ones or even a first degree ones. Try using thin materials or paper towels as compress, and do not use thick and heavy towels since it will not have the wanted effect.

Which People have greater Chances of getting Ice burns

Be careful if you belong to some of the following groups of people that have higher chances of getting cold burns throughout icing:

  • If a person is diabetic or they are smoking the chances of getting injured are bigger.
  • If a person’s blood flow is low either because they have peripheral vascular disease, or they use beta-blockers and similar medication that decrease the blood flow.
  • People who are not well dressed on a really cold weather.
  • The rate of the heat loss of a person’s skin is increased due to very cold wind.
  • If a person is unable to feel hits and injuries due to peripheral neuropathy.

How to Recognize Ice burns

You can treat the ice burns but to do that you should know the symptoms they induce in order to recognize them. Different individuals experience different symptoms and signs, and they mostly depend on how severe they are.

  • Usually the burned skin gets red and you feel pain on the area.
  • You have a feeling of tingling and you feel numbness, like you are pinned with a needle.
  • You will get blisters on your skin.
  • You will immediately recognize if the tissues have started to freeze if your skin is completely numb, firm and waxy.
  • Be aware of dead, blackened tissue-gangrene. It can be caused by extremely severe frost bite and cause irreparable damage to your nerves and muscles.

How to Treat Ice Burns

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In order to notice if you have cold burns throughout icing, look for blisters, feeling of your skin burning, itching and being numb, and areas of the skin which you feel them painful. Also, that part of the skin will have yellowish-gray color. In order to prevent the burn to get even worse the area should be re-warmed.

However, do not do the re-warming process all at once, but gradually, since you might end up with worse injuries. Warm some water until it gets between 104 and 108 degree Fahrenheit and soak the burned skin in it. Do not overheat the water, it should not be hot. You can either wrap blankets around or use warm compress. Just leave the blanket or the compress on the spot without moving it or massaging the place since you can damage the affected area even more. If you do that subcutaneous ice crystals may move in the tissue and damage it.

You can do this only with water. Dry heat can be very dangerous. Do not use hair dryers or radiator heat to warm the burned area since you can easily burn the place due to its numbness. Also, depending on how severe the injury is, pain killers or antibiotics may be of great help.

If this method does not help and you still have a numb, white skin, and hard on touch, you should ask for medical assistance. This method should bring your skin its original color and stop the filing of tingling. Therefore, if none of these happens, check with your doctor.