How many times have you went to the store, bought a pair of pants and wore them the same night, without washing them? People do this all the time thinking that the new clothes they buy right from the store are clean.

But is this true? We have gone on a quest – asking people around whether they wash the clothes prior to wearing them.

Most of them answered with a no, some of them with a yes. So, to prove our theory, that new does not always have to mean clean, we went out to a store with new clothes and a second hand shop.

From both stores we bought a shirt, a dress, pair of pants, pair of shoes, and from the store with new clothes we even bought a packed pair of underwear.

We took all of these clothes to have them tested and when the results came back we were shocked! The shirts from both stores were filled with bacteria, especially around the neck.

Both of the dresses had bacteria on the back, on the zippers, and the pants were filled with bacteria too. This is because even if the clothes in the new stores are new, they are being touched and tried on by a lot of people whose skin condition is unknown to us.

But what was the most astonishing part were the shoes and the underwear. The shoes, the ones bought from the store were filled with bacteria on the inside, and the ones bought from the second hand shop were bacteria free.

When we shared this fact with the people we questioned, they were as astonished as we were.

And the last thing we shared with them was the condition of the packed underwear, which was contamined with bacteria.

All of the people were grossed out by this new revelation, and came to the exact same conclusion – always wash the clothes before wearing them, no matter where you bought them from.

Whether they come from a store with new or old clothes, make sure you put them in your washing machine first, and if the fabric allows it, wash them on the highest degree.

Use bleach, and for the insides of your shoes you can always use anti-bacterial wipes. It is not deadly if you do not wash your clothes before wearing them, but it can cause some major issues because of the fact that you do not know what kind of bacteria got stuck to it.

Are New Clothes Really Clean