Doctors and scientists are in constant search for a cure for one of the deadliest diseases-cancer. Despite the fact that the mainstream medicine offers radiation, chemotherapy or surgery as solution for treating cancer, there are cases when none of these seem to help, they just prolong the process of dying. When that is the case, some people turn to alternative medicine searching for a cure.

This time even scientists recommend a Chinese herb, called Artemisinin, as a treatment for cancer. This herb has been used 1000 years ago as a cure for malaria and recently, in the past 30-40 years, it has been rediscovered. However this time, studies have shown that it does not only treat and cure malaria but it kills cancer cells as well.

Although it may not be approved in some countries as a cancer treatment, the studies have shown that Artemisinin is safe, easy to use, since it is just a pill you take 2 times a day, it is not an expensive treatment and you can treat all kinds of cancer by consuming it.

What is the Secret Behind this Herb


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Cancer cells and other infected cells tend to accumulate iron. The iron actually destroys these cells. Therefore, scientists have combined Artemisinin with iron as a treatment and when the cancer cells isolate the iron for themselves they have enormous amount of iron in them. In fact, much more than regular cells and tissues do. For example, a breast cancer cell has 15 times more iron and a leukemia cell has 1000 times more iron than a regular cell.

The cancer cells actually sequester the Artemisinin and all of it breaks down in the cell. When cancer cells have this much iron, 2 oxygen molecules are released and they form free radicals. These are the ones that have so much power to kill the cancer cell.

This is the reason it has been effective for treating malaria. The malaria parasite is rich in iron and consequently Artemisinin destroys it.

Some doctors doubt the idea of combining iron with Artemisinin because they are concerned about the reaction occurring in normal cells that are not infected. However, Artemisinin does not attack the good, the normal cells, since they do not sequester iron. It only acts on the infected cells. It also controls the growth of reproductive cancer cells. Moreover, it does not release any toxins into the organism.

The results of the treatment have shown that breast cancer cells are gone by 28% in 16 hours, just by using Artemisinin as a treatment. If the Artemisinin is combined with iron that percentage jumps up to 98%. In addition, leukemia cells have proven to be 100% gone and destroyed within 8 hours. This treatment can be used as a cure for all kinds of cancer including tongue cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and many others. It even has a marvelous effect on some sarcomas which are almost impossible to treat.

How should you Consume Artemisinin


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Artemisinin has 3 different forms: artesunate, arthemeter, and artemisinin itself. Either of these can be taken orally or suppository. However, you should not take it all at once for a long period of time. Instead it should be taken in impuls doses. Take it for a few days and then rest for a few days. That is because the intestinal tract fails to absorb it well if it is taken for longer period of time.

The researches have shown that this treatment makes cancer cells to self-destruct or to undergo an apoptosis. More and more people nowadays have heard about this treatment ant it gets more and more available for patients.

Therefore, you should always trust nature. Although some may be skeptical about this treatment, people who have their days numbered and chemo, radiation, or operation does not help, they should consider trying every last solution they can find because it may save their lives.