If you are an adult that has a job, you have probably encountered the term speculative work. Not yet? Let us briefly explain it to you. Speculative work, or spec work, is a form of a free pitching, where a client seeks a finished desing of work before agreeing on a fee or compensation for it.

For this purpose only, a Toronto advertising agency, Zulu Alpha Kilo filmed a short video. In it they show the world how absurd it is for people or companies to request any kind of spec work in order to attract more business.

In the video, there is a person who asks from real business people (not actors) to provide him with a finished design before he makes up his mind whether he likes to work with them or not.

Upon the request, he sees their reactions to it. This is something that applies to creative industries as well, for an exaple the photographers.

It is something that people started practicing, and it does not do well for anyone. So, what is basically done is – a couple of ideas are tossed around the table, and the main reason is hidden behind the curtain called „building up a portfolio“.

When actually, the main reason is getting a finished product for free. Recently, there was even a couple who urged their followers on Instagram (thousands of them) to help them find a photograper that could make their wedding album photos for free!

Among the people who were asked to do something for free were a painter, an architect, a kitchen chef, a personal trainer.

And at the end of the video, our personal favorite was the response of the personal trainer to this absurd request.

The trainer asked would the man do what he does for a living for free for anyone, and got a negative answer, to which he replied – why should he be any different? Of course he does not want to give all the energy, time, effort and intellect into a job for which he will not be paid.

If you are one of those people who have witnessed or done such a thing, try to put yourself in the shoes of the damaged party. Would you agree doing this yourself? Think about it.

Ask Someone to Work for Free