At 3 months old, baby Isaiah developed a red rash on his skin. Whenever he was exposed to some perfume or intense scent, the rash would worsen, and it would start to bleed. His mother, Stephanie Smith, 35, took her child to the doctors who diagnosed the baby with a severe case of eczema.

Baby’s Skin Starts to Melt after Being Misdiagnosed with Eczema


Isaiah was prescribed a topical steroid treatment. When the baby started to receive this treatment, the rashes began to retreat.

However, soon afterward, his condition got even worse than before. His skin was covered with painful skin rashes, sores, and blisters, and it started to fall off as if it was melting.

Isaiah‘s Mom Finds a Cure for Her Baby’s Painful Skin Condition on the Internet

After using the steroid ointment, the entire skin of the baby turned red with serious sores, and his hair started to fall. The doctors couldn’t explain this reaction.

They told Stephanie that she was poisoning her child with her milk, so she immediately stopped breastfeeding him. When Isaiah was 5 months old, his skin began to burst open. He received a heavier steroid treatment but, the rash returned every time his skin would start to appear normal.

Stephanie began to wrap her baby in medical bandages in order to prevent him from scratching his skin in his sleep. Whenever his skin came in contact with his mother’s skin, it started to break open.

When the baby was unwrapped, Stephanie couldn’t even hug or touch her son. Isaiah’s pain relieved only when he was in the water. His mom kept him in the sink since this was the only place where he wasn’t crying. The baby was in a constant pain and, according to his mom, he appeared as if “he had no skin”.

Since the specialists were unable to help her child, the desperate mother tried to find an answer for her baby’s condition on the internet.

She saw kids with the same skin issue as Isaiah, and she discovered that her baby was suffering from a steroid withdrawal condition.

Stephanie found out that the topical steroids were worsening her son’s skin, and that what 35 doctors thought to be eczema was caused by intolerance to medication.

After discovering that her baby was receiving a wrong treatment, Stephanie decided to stop using the steroid cream. Instead, she started to make her own creams and lotions, which were designed for a gentle skin.

The best cream was a mixture of zinc and lemon grass. The usage of this mixture showed an improvement in Isaiah’s skin condition in a very short period of time. Without the steroid topical treatment, Isaiah’s skin became normal after 10 months.

Now, the one-year-old Isaiah is a completely healthy and normal boy. He can walk and play outside, and his mom can finally hold him in her hands. Stephanie decides to share her story because it may help some other mothers whose kids are suffering from the same issue.