You have probably said to yourself a million times now, from tomorrow i will only eat healthy foods. But between the stress, your job, the family and social life get through to you and you never seem to have time to start that healthy diet with no processed food.

Everyone are aware that processed foods, sugars, GMO’s and fast foods do much harm to the body, and the damage sometimes can be so big that it would take years to get back to normal.

Best Alkaline Foods

Best Alkaline Foods

For future reference, the human body is created to be alkaline, but unfortunately we ourselves have made it acidic.

Why would one turn to processed foods, that make the body fragile and prone to diseases, when a nice piece of fruit or vegetable can do so much more than that?

If you are changing your lifestyle, or want to change it, you have come to the right pace. Here, in addition we are going to present you with the best alkaline foods ever, in order to obtain an optimal health level.

  • The melon is considered to be an excellent cleanser, with a high pH value, rich in fiber and containing about 90% water. Insert them in your every day meals.
  • To protect your body from free radicals, bacteria and viruses, consume more swiss chard.
  • The olive oil is also very powerful alkaline food just because it contains monosaturated fatty acids and vitamin E more than any other food.
  • For a change, try buckwheat instead of regular wheat. It will strengthen your cardiovascular function and provide you with more than enough energy throughout the entire day.
  • Flax seeds will, unbelievably reduce the hot flashes with women who are experiencing menopause, and is also rich in vitamin E and fiber.
  • Other beneficial alkaline foods are: avocados – monosaturated fats, bananas – superfood, berries – filled with antioxidants, carrots improving vision with beta-carotene, garlic is for blood pressure, brocolli for cholesterol, grapes for hypertension. Pineapple – losing weight, alfalfa sprouts – balance in the hormones, lemons – preventing colds and flu, brussels sprouts and sauerkraut – act as probiotics, cauliflower – alternative for bread. Furthermore we have grapefruits – filled with vitamins C and A, seaweeds – decrease the acidity, quinoa – blood sugar, parsley – intestines, mango and papaya – colon, and of course let’s not forget the spinach, oranges and cucumbers, whose properties provide the organism protection on the inside and beauty on the outside.