Have you ever asked yourself whether buying pre-made green juices at the grocery store is the right thing to do or not? Taking it from the shelf and putting it in your basket is a good option if you are too busy or don’t own a high-speed blender or a juicer. But think about it, the money you spend on those bottles can be smartly invested in a blender. There are several reasons why I think this way.

Best Green Juice

One of the reasons is the process of pasteurization. You probably know that it’s always preferable to drink raw juices immediately after they’ve been made. If you’re caught in a situation where you must buy your green juice, it is advisable to reach for cold-pressed because the nutrients are not lost. Remember, the shelf life of the cold-pressed juices is very short, only 3 or 4 days, so check the expiry date first.

best green juice

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Well designed green juice bottles with fancy labels are tempting and well advertised. For instance, some of them contain wheatgrass which can make us eager to try it out but they don’t contain any fiber. You should know that the commercial juices can spike blood sugar levels triggering the insulin flow in your blood.

Ask yourself whether you can afford buying green juices on daily basis. A bottle of kale and apple juice can cost up to 11 dollars. Now, for a commercial purposes the juices is mostly apple based with a hint of kale. If you make the juice on your own, it will cost you twice as less money and you’ll definitely witness the kale-apple proportion since you’ll do it according to your needs and taste. Your money will be much better spent if your juice is made at home. You’ll get to drink organic and freshly made juice. Of course, you can treat yourself with an exotic juice you can’t make at home once in a while. Juice filled with algae, maqui berry or camu camu can be delicious, I admit.

Regarding the waste, try to change your perspective. Buying commercial green juice is quick and easy, but have you thought about the waste created after you enjoy your best green juice? If you have to choose between glass or plastic bottles, pick the glass one. It doesn’t leach chemicals into the product it’s containing. Even better, glass bottles can be reused. Plastic bottles on the other hand attract dirtiness. Think about all that waste and make a difference.

best green juice

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And at the end, take branded green juices and smoothies as profit-based trend. The companies may attract your attention, but think about their ethics. If you are considering yourself to be environment-friendly person, you know that making your own green juice is a far better alternative. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to bad mouth any popular brand, I’m just saying we should all be more cautious when choosing what to pay for. If you can find a juice brand that is eco-friendly and you can recycle the containers in an easier way, you can consider indulging in these juices. These bottled juices are a nice way to keep your nutrient level…. and it’s a great way to stay hydrated.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s for the best to invest in a high-speed blender. I know we are all rushing somewhere and don’t have much time for ourselves, but admit it, drinking green juice is better than skipping your daily veggie intake.