When it comes to geniuses, today we are going to present you one. His name is Mikael Kjellman, and he is a Swedish design engineer. What he created is truly unbelievable, but we think it would be something everyone would like to have.

His idea was ignited when he realized he needed a weather protected bike. So, he worked on this idea for a while and came up with a product which he even gave a name to – PodRide.

He describes it as a practical and fun bicycle car. You may seem a little bit sceptic now, but when you see it, all of your doubts will go away.

The PodRide is a compact combination of a bicycle and a small car. It has four wheels, a very short turning radius and an amazing ability to hit 15 miles per hour.

It weight astonishing 154 pounds, and yet, it has the same height as a regular car. It is perfectly designed to even contain a small storage room at the back of it, and the driver can even hook a bike trailer to the back of it.

If you want to go out with it on a warm and sunny day, the side windows and the front window open up to provide you with the most comfortable ride of your life.

According to some sites, the PodRide is narrow enough, made well to perfectly fit regular bike paths, and in Sweden it is recognized as an e-bike.

This means that in order to drive it you don’t need any special license or insurance. Actually, it is not the only four wheeled bike we have seen so far in Sweden.

So, when Mikael developed this idea and published it in April 2016 he got a lot of comments on this bike. Strangers wished him well with this idea and expressed how if a product like this was available, they would buy it with a blink of an eye. We for one would sure like to have it, would you?

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