Your body is yours so whatever you decide to do with it is your choice. However, there are some parts of your body that are not recommendable to be touched with your hands.

You touch many things with your hands during the day, thus you are transmitting germs throughout your body. Even if you wash them properly, they are easily re-contaminated from the environment.

Therefore, if you want to avoid contaminating your body, try not to touch these body parts:

1. Your Face

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The only time you can touch your face is when you are washing it and using skincare. Otherwise, do not put your hands near your face whatsoever. All the germs from your hands will transmit to your forehead, which increases the risk of getting sick.

Moreover, there is a great possibility you will plug the pores and cause acne or blackheads. So, try not to rest your head on your hand when you feel tired.

2. Your Eyes

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Your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Therefore, you can only use your hands for picking them if you are putting your contact lenses on, or if you are taking away any particle that has been stuck into your eyes.

Otherwise, keep them away since you can cause many eye infections due to the germs. If they itch or they are dry, do not rub them but check with a doctor.

3. Your Mouth

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This is a bad habit of most people, especially as a result of anxiety and being bored. Many of the germs and bacteria present in your body are transferred through your hands.

Coughing or sneezing can leave viruses to your hands when you cover your mouth, and you will later transmit them, and cause many health issues due to bacteria.

4. The Skin under Your Nails

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There are countless bacteria under your nails. If you have any dirt under them, use a nail brush to remove it.

Picking your nails will traumatize your fingers, and it can even lead to your nail lifting off the nail bed. This is due to all the accumulated fungi and bacteria.

5. Inside Your Nose

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Picking your nose is not only a disgusting habit, but harmful as well. Those who put their fingers in the nose, are more likely they have Staphylococcus bacteria than those who don’t. This bacteria can cause many serious diseases.

6. Your Ear Canals

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Never put anything in your ears, especially not your fingers. Not only will you press the earwax deeper into the ear, but you may also cause serious damage to the skin inside the ear canal.

And damaging the lining of the ear canal can lead to deafness. Every time you feel itchy, let your doctor solve the problem.

7. Your Butt

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You should keep the hygiene by washing and wiping this part of your body, but never try picking it with your hands. The butt contains bacteria that can cause a lot of harm. Additionally, always wash your hands really good after you use the toilet or touch it for some reason.