The major function of the kidneys is to filter the blood and to remove the excess fluid and the waste products from the body. Unhealthy lifestyle choices can be responsible for a toxic buildup, which will make it difficult for your kidneys to properly perform their function.

The accumulation of toxins can negatively affect your overall health, which is why you need to provide your kidneys with an occasional detoxification.

Cleanse your Kidneys

Cleanse your Kidneys

If you want to cleanse your kidneys, you should try the following homemade remedy which will help you to eliminate the toxins from your body, as well as to prevent a development of kidney stones and kidney disease. Here is a recipe for a natural tea that will instantly detoxify your kidneys.

Parsley Tea Recipe for Kidney Detoxification

This tea will help you to cleanse your kidneys within only one week. While making it, make sure that you use fresh herbs in order to reap the most benefits of this tea.

  • -1 bunch of fresh organic parsley leaves
  • 2 tablespoons of raw organic honey
  • Fresh juice from a half lemon
  • 8 cups of filtered water

In order to make this tea, first, you need to wash the parsley leaves. Chop them into large pieces and place them in a bowl.

Add the water to the bowl and boil it. After boiling the water, let it simmer for about 10 minutes and strain it well. When the tea cools, add the honey and the lemon.

Pour this tea into a glass container and store it in the fridge for up to a week. You should consume 1 or 2 cups of this tea on a daily basis.

Health Benefits of the Parsley Tea

The parsley contains numerous essential nutrients which are important for maintaining your kidneys in a good health. It is a great source of vitamins A, B12, C, K, iron, and folic acid.

This herb has many antimicrobial, antihypertensive, anticoagulant, antihepatotoxic, anti-anemic, antihyperlipidemic, diuretic, estrogenic, and hypoglycemic properties.

The parsley tea can help you to improve your nerve and immune systems, reduce your blood sugar levels, control your blood pressure, lower the triglycerides, regulate your menstruation, as well as to cleanse your liver and improve its function. This tea is also effective in promoting calmness and relaxation, and reducing stress and anxiety.

The parsley tea is highly beneficial for promoting a detoxification of your kidneys, and for eliminating kidney stones. The parsley increases the production of urine which enables you to rapidly get rid of the stones.

This tea is also effective in preventing a formation of kidney stones since it prevents absorption of salt into the kidney tissue.

Nevertheless, pregnant women should avoid consuming this tea. Also, you should consult your doctor before drinking the parsley tea if you are using some medications for lowering the blood pressure.