Many people struggle to find a way to treat common cold and flu without taking any medicines. The consumption of antibiotics can cause some allergic reactions as well as many unwanted reactions that can affect our digestive system.

If you want to avoid taking antibiotics you should try the following natural remedies that are extremely effective in treating flu and common cold.

Treat Common Cold and Flu

common cold and flu

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All you need is lemon, almonds, salt and pepper and, you can heal many infections in the comfort of your home. These recipes and tricks are completely natural and harmless and they can make you feel better in no time.



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The best way to reduce a fever is to consume lots of liquids, especially water. If having a fever is one of the conditions of your flu, you have to drink at least 2 liters of water on daily bases.

Also, you can try putting a pair of socks into cold water before you are going to bed. Before putting on the cold socks, warm your feet up into hot water.

Put a pair of dry wool socks above the wet ones and try to stay covered the whole time while you are sleeping. This will increase your circulation which is necessary for reducing the fever.

Sore Throat


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If you want to treat a sore throat you should consume tea with honey and lemon. By adding honey and lemon, the tea will be more effective in soothing your throat.

In addition, you can treat a sore throat with an apple cider vinegar because it has an ability to prevent any bacteria from growing.

You can put one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a cup of warm water and drink it. This will instantly soothe the soreness of your throat.



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Sprinkle lots of black pepper and salt on a quarter of a fresh lemon. Suck the juice of the lemon and you will reduce the coughing instantly.

Another way to relieve a cough is to put a few teaspoons of almonds in a cup of orange juice. This is an effective remedy for treating a chronic cough.

Running/stuffy nose


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In order to prevent your nose from running you need to pour two cups of warm water in a bowl. Add half a teaspoon of salt into it.

Put a couple of drops of this mixture in your nostrils with a dropper tool. You can repeat this process until your nose stops running.

If you are dealing with a stuffy nose you should consume as many fluids as you can. In addition, doing some exercises can help in dealing with stuffy nose because they are effective in unblocking your sinuses and, in relieving nasal congestion.



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The best way to prevent a headache is to consume almonds because they are rich in magnesium. Magnesium is famous for its ability to tread headaches and to decrease the frequency of their occurrence.

Almonds are also very effective in treating headaches that are caused as a result of anxiety or stress because the magnesium has an ability to relax the muscles.

Apart from being rich in magnesium, the almonds are a great source of vitamin B2 which plays a great part in reducing a headache.