Have you any idea that the garlic is considered to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet? Many people use it, especially in a raw form, as a traditional remedy that can prevent various health issues, such as controlling the high and the low blood pressure, reduced blood flow, heart attack, any coronary disease, and atherosclerosis.

It is Dangerous to Consume Garlic if 

It is Dangerous to Consume Garlic if

On the other hand, let’s take a look at this – do you know what allicin is? It is the active compound which is found in the garlic which uses the same mechanism as the blood pressure drugs to control it.

The garlic also prevents the creation of the hormone that helps the blood vessels stay relaxed. It is a really useful food.

The good side of this is that many people love it, and incorporate it in their dishes in many ways, not just because of its taste, but because of the many health properties that come with it.

Garlic is one of the best foods for boosting the immune system. Studies have shown that people who consume garlic on a daily basis reduce their chances of catching a cold in their lives to up to 63%. the garlic can be found useful when treating Staph infections ad ear infections.

Just note that you should always be careful on how you consume the garlic. When it is taken raw, it can not only cause a bad breath, but also nausea, body odor, heartburn, gas, and an eerily taste in the mouth.

But, this varies from one person to another. Here are some pointers on how to consume the garlic and when to be careful.

  • The garlic works as a natural anticoagulant and can treat circulation problems because it improves the flow of the blood and prevents blood clogs that can lead to a heart attack. But, when combined with other anticoagulant drugs it can cause excess bleeding, so be careful.
  • Don’t consume garlic if you’re consuming any medications, or rather consult with a doctor prior to consuming it fr it can enhance the effect of the drug and cause you more problems than a solution.
  • People who have problems with their liver should definitely not consume garlic. The garlic can decrease the breakdown in the liver or decrease the effectiveness of the liver medications. Basically all of the medications, including the birth control pills are to some adverse prone to garlic in any form.
  • Furthermore, people with sensitive stomach should not consume the garlic too! Well, eating too much onion or garlic can can irritate the gastrointestinal tract of a person. The garlic can also be the cause of some gastrointestinal counter reactions if it is consumed with stomach medications.
  • Pregnant women should avoid consuming garlic at all costs. Even though it is generally approved to be safe to eat garlic in moderate amounts during the pregnancy and when breastfeeding, in therapeutic amounts it may not be advisable.
  • If you happen to fall within the normal range of your blood pressure, or are close to having low blood pressure, by consuming the garlic you may lower it even more.

This is why it is only recommended to consume the garlic in moderate quantities.