I bet there are millions of people visiting gyms, struggling to loose weight, coping to follow a healthy diet plan and they’ve never heard about leptin at the same time. How do I know that? I was one of them.

What Exactly is Leptin?

The word is of Greek origin and it means ‘thin‘. It’s a hormone that is produced in fat cells and it controls our metabolism and appetite while leptin itself is controlled by hypothalamus in the brain. The amount of leptin released in fat cells is directly connected to how much fat there actually is in our bodies. It is believed that the levels of leptin are higher in obese people, but the reason for this is that their bodies reduced sensitivity to leptin and they actually became leptin resistant. If this is confusing, take it this way: leptin produces the feeling of fullness after a good meal and it triggers processes in our bodies that are burning stored fat instead of taking energy from the latest food intake.


Diet Time

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Some foods can decrease leptin resistance and can increase the response to leptin. Eating foods that balance leptin levels can help to reestablish leptin sensitivity. It is advised that having protein for breakfast is a good way to begin with. Fiber rich foods, leafy greens and fish are also recommended. Most of the foods that stimulate leptin response also include starch, nuts, fruits and oils. Eating these foods may help to restore the way leptin signals your brain to eventually shut off your appetite and begin with fuel burning. This way you will eat less and metabolize foods more efficiently. This action can result in weight loss and that is what we all aim for.

Consuming starchy vegetables, breads and grains will reduce the leptin response to be stimulated by other foods. Following a diet plan that includes fish can also stimulate healthy leptin responses in our bodies. The fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids are all good. Lobsters and scallops can be consumed as well. Nuts like almonds, Brazil nuts, pecans and cashews stimulate the leptin response in the body. ‘The good fat’ is a must. Avocados and olives belong in this group. When you use oil, try to replace vegetable oil with almond oil, avocado oil and olive oil.

easy ways to lose weight

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On the other hand, it is suggested that eating excessive carbohydrates and frequent snacking may be your biggest obstacles to re-establishing leptin sensitivity. Foods high in carbohydrates, processed foods rich in sugar can decrease leptin sensitivity. Eating too frequently or eating large meals can also have the same effect.

Here are some Tips for Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Stay lean without starving yourself. Don’t cut your calories intake, calories deficit will slow down your metabolism and will be almost impossible to loose weight. Don’t go overboard with carbs and avoid sugary foods and beverages. Perform high-intensity interval training. Try to supplement your diet with taurine and other antioxidants to prevent leptin resistance. And last but not least, have a good night sleep.

So, think about how important leptin is. If your leptin levels are not balanced, you won’t be able to succeed you goal at the gym, no matter how determined you are. This can trigger other problems regarding energy levels, performance, mood, mental fitness and sharpness and so on.

Keep an eye on your leptin levels and you’ll definitely achieve your weight loss goal.