A recent study, conducted by dr. Mary Newport shows that when our body consumes coconut oil, it produces ketones. Ketones area crucial part of the process to prevent the Alzheimer’s disease. If this is really true, this finding will have a major breakthrough in the world concerning the treatment of this terrible disease.

Dr. Newport was very familiar with the Alzheimer’s disease, because her husband was suffering from it. He became very ill, and could not be left alone at any moment.

Eating Coconut Oil

Eating Coconut Oil

He lost his short term memory and was constantly foggy. Even though he was receiving therapy, it did not make him feel better.

But then, one day, she thought about changing his diet. If there were any changes make in his eating plan, maybe that would lead to changes with him too. And it did. This little research led her straight to this amazing and incredible discovery.

Now, let us explain what is happening to a person when the coconut oil is consumed. By creating the ketones, they provide more oxygen to the brain, which in return, will provide help against any acute ischemic attacks and will even shrink down tumors.

But, the cells utilize the ketones in order to make it an alternative to glucose. When a person is resistant to insulin, the ketones are the ones stepping into their place, acting as a source of energy. They are the last chance for the body to be kept alive.

Dr. Newport’s husband, Steve, was a part of her research. She proved on him, and within a period of only 60 days, that the coconut oil will help.

He was consuming 2 teaspoons of the coconut oil every day, and by the end of this therapy, he was more talkative, focused, more alert, and much happier. The coconut therapy worked as a charm.

The secret is in those two teaspoons of coconut, every day. Doctor Newport claims that after a year, her husband has never looked so bright. He is now a completely different person.

And although he is still faced with some difficulties, progress is definitely made. When the ketones are constantly circulating through the brain, they maintain the level of oxygen in the brain, making it function properly.

Ultimately, all of this has led to Steve’s disease to slow down, and just stop progressing. His brain function is getting better by each passing day and he feels great!

To learn more about his story check it out online, there are plenty of videos and reports that even you may find useful.