The side effects of PMS are every woman’s nightmare. Every month you feel irritability, increased tenderness of some parts of the body, cravings, bloating, fatigue, headaches and mood changes.

Although the duration of these symptoms varies depending on your organism, most of you deal with these torments for two whole weeks.

Fortunately, if you want to relieve these problems, we have an easy and simple, permanent solution to your problem. Instead of using painkillers, you can get rid of the PMS symptoms with a diet consisting of healthy anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Lara Briden, a naturopathic doctor, has found a natural treatment to prevent the unwanted symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome.

According to Dr. Briden, the irritability, cravings, emotional and physical agony can be permanently prevented by going on a diet, consisting of anti-inflammatory foods rich in magnesium and vitamin B6.

By making little changes in your eating habits you won’t even notice any pre period signs.

Diet for Preventing the PMS Symptoms

pms symptoms

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PMS occurs as a result of your response to the change of hormones, which depends on your hormone receptors.

This diet provides you with healthy hormone receptors and it allows you to adapt to the changes of the level of hormones which will prevent the occurrence of the side effects of PMS.

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You will start to notice the benefits of this diet within only 1 month.

The diet consists of 5 meals a day. For each meal you can select one option that suits the best for you.


Choice 1: Spinach and frittata with goat cheese
Choice 2: Muesli with berries and low fat Greek yogurt
Choice 3: Gluten-free toast with butter or two scrambled eggs

With your breakfast you may drink water, coffee or tea.


Between meals you can eat fresh fruit or raw cashews to which you may add half an avocado and lemon juice.


Choice 1: Green salad with smoked salmon, avocado and olive oil
Choice 2: Sushi and miso soup
Choice 3: Chicken wrap with grated carrot, spinach leaves and beet

You may drink water, either still or sparkling, tea and coffee.


Choice1: Barbecued salmon steaks with baked potato chips and spinach salad
Choice 2: Roasted lamb shanks with steamed kale and mashed potato
Choice 3: Chicken and stir-fried broccoli with rice

You may drink water or sparkling water with lemon. You can also have a glass of wine or beer.


Choice1: Gluten-free orange and almond torte
Choice 2: Two squares of cocoa dark chocolate
Choice 3: Poached pears with cinnamon

The major reason for damaging the hormone receptors is chronic inflammation. In order to prevent a chronic inflammation, you should avoid inflammatory food such as deep fried and sugary foods, as well as dairy products.

Also, you shouldn’t drink any sugary drinks and fruit juices. In addition, you should avoid a consumption of cigarettes.