I was a fast-food junky and I quit!

This post is written by a former fast food junky who decided to abandon the fast food scene.

Hi, I’m Courtney and I’m a former fast food junky. How it all started? When I was in elementary the most famous kid’s stop after school was the nearest fast food restaurant. I was like any other kid wanting to fold and smash the popular pound-burger in 5 minutes. All the kids chatted, drank sodas and stuffed themselves till they’d realize it would be a very slow walk home. My parents approved this. “As long as my kid isn’t hungry… You ate that pound-burger again, sweetheart? Well done!”

Fast Food

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Monday to Friday, I was eating one pound-burger a day. On the weekends, my friends and I would go to the local pizzeria for a gigantic one that we couldn’t finish. Whenever a new fast-food restaurant or a bakery would open in town, I was there among the first customers. I was a gourmand, what can I say? Luckily, a skinny one. When I turned 19, I decided to go vegetarian for a while to see how things will turn out. I was aware of the ethical reasons but my reason was rather egoistic, I admit. I wanted to clear my body from the fast food toxins. That meant I had to cook for myself and after the first few months, I found the smell of grilled meat repulsive. It was not just the smell, I thought, it was the whole idea of not being aware of what I am getting in my plate if I order a meal in a restaurant. I was always interested in the benefits of preparing my own food and after the first year of being a vegetarian I quit the vegetarian bakeries as well. The next thing I did was I started to bake.



I was on a vegetarian diet for 3 years. I haven’t laid my eyes on a burger for more than 12 years and now I eat just one croissant a month the most. Pizza? I knead my own pizza dough. So, what’s the catch?


It takes time to cook your own meal. When I started cooking I chose ready in 20 minutes veggie recipes. Please, if you want to stay healthy, spend your spare time in your kitchen. Take it as ME-Time. And try to share your kitchen wonders with your friends. Use that blender you bought. Smoothies are ready in 2 minutes. Prepare your own coffee and donate the 5 bucks you were meaning to spend at the nearest coffee-to-go to the people in need. I do that. Or spend your buck on fresh fruits.

Hooked on Tastes

The biggest problem we have with fast food or sodas is that we are hooked on the specific tastes. I was hooked on particular tastes too, that’s for sure. Well guess what? There are better, more delicious and healthier tastes. Give it a try. Be determined to resist the next time you are near the fast food restaurant. It’s a psychological matter. I succeeded the moment I tried. It wasn’t that hard for me.

Fast Food

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when you think buying your instant food is more affordable, you’re wrong. Try to buy fruits and veggies for the amount of money you spend at the restaurant or in your favorite fast food store. You’ll be stuffed for the week and your body will be grateful.


Healthy dieting doesn’t mean isolation. You don’t get a restraining order from the picnic with your friends. The fun isn’t just in the malls and fast food restaurants. Invite your friends and surprise them with a little matinee or a dinner party. If you can’t afford to purchase food for 10, tell them to bring their favorite veggie of fruit and you’ll prepare a surprise for everyone. Or just ask for their help, everyone can participate in the process. You’ll all get hooked on the dinner party atmosphere and you’ll do it again the very next week. My case proves that’s true, my friends all got converted in healthy-minded people. Actually, I got them hooked on healthy tastes.

Go on, take my advice, try and see where that will get you. Thanks for reading my story.