Science is slowly beginning to provide evidence of what mystics and enlightened people proclaimed for millennia: “Our thoughts create our reality and our experience.

Our ideas, beliefs and attitudes create the world we experience. ” Quantum Physics reveals the path to success in our lives.

Starting to Live in Fifth Dimension

That means only one thing – if you want to change your life, you will need to change their ideas, beliefs and attitudes. Our thoughts are matrix of our life experiences.

The creation of our subjective reality with our thoughts is the fundamental ability of consciousness. Statistics show that successful people change the way of thinking was the key factor in the change in their lives.

Fulfilling our life dreams depends on the level of our education, our ethnic origin, inheritance or any other external factor.

It is solely due to the way our thinking. Developing and articulating thoughts is the first step towards transforming the dream into reality.

Dimensions are not places they are levels of consciousness that vibrate at certain rate. The higher we vibrate the more dimension we can experience.

Passing from 3D Consciousness into the 5th dimension is like update to your entire operating system. To come to the 5th dimension we must first pass through 4th dimension.

She is like filter, or she acts like a realm of heart that is filled with love, lightness. The 5th dimension is even lighter and full with love.

In the next 2000 age everyone from our planet will be shifting from 3D into a 5th dimension. This shift will get humanity to harmonious world. This world will be full with unconditional love, respect.

Here are 6 signs that we are started to live in 5th dimension

1. More feelings of joy, love and wonder in daily life

4th and 5th dimension are something like receiving a major upgrade on software and DNA hardware. It will make your body more stable, clear memory and overall life much easier to operate.

2. You will release easier and move through problems more quickly

You will learn how to let go negative energy and release from all that heavy baggage that you are wearing. All this will happen when you will enter in vibrational 4D and 5D level.

3. With your senses you will physically experience the world

You will see spectrum of light colors like a rainbow. You will learn to hear orchestra of light that is constantly playing and will bring tears to your eyes.

4. Time will feel fluid, eternal and illusory

You will move from one life experience to another like water and without judgment or ill feelings why are things haven’t done or the way they are done. You will know that you are eternal being, who cannot die.

5. You will feel divinely and will be guided by something higher than your own imagination

When your mind will be quiet then you will be able to hear guidance from other dimension. You will learn that there is more beings that are around you and will help you all the time. You will feel extremely supported and safe.

6. You can access in the miraculous powers of your true multi-dimension body

You are made from energy and consciousness like everything around you and you will be able to make most amazing things with your mind. You will learn how to levitate above the ground, pass through solid surface, be on 3 and more places in the same time.