After so many studies and research, science has examined and defined 6 types of obesity that are caused by various factors. Scientists have proven their claims and now you have the chance to read about these types and find out which type you belong to and how to solve your problem when it comes to dealing with obesity. Keep in mind that if you want to fix a problem the first thing you should do is to find the exact source of that problem.

Which Body Part Has The Most Fat According To Your Lifestyle

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1. You are Obese because you Consume too much Food

Of course, obesity from food is the commonest in the world. It happens because of excessive sugar and food intake. You have to make changes in your diet in order to solve this problem. For instance, you need to reduce the amount of food and try to eat small portions, discard all the sugar and at last, try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

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2. “Nervous Stomach” is another Reason for Obesity

Obesity can also be caused by “nervous stomach” which means that it is related to anxiety, stress and depression. It is common for people who are having this problem to reach for sweets and eat them almost uncontrollably. Stress can be controlled by engaging in various physical activities, so the best advise for you would be to start working out.

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3. Gluten is another Factor for Obesity

The gluten obesity is a type of obesity that’s most common in women who go through menopause and women with impaired imbalance. Avoiding alcohol and smoking is very important for resolving this problem. Prolonged sitting is another crucial thing that should also be avoided. Instead, try to practice exercises with weights.

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4. You are suffering from Metabolic Obesity

This kind of obesity is affecting people who have stomach bloats, alcohol consumers, people who have problems with breathing or individuals who have psychological problems. These people accumulate fat mainly in the stomach area. If you are suffering from metabolic obesity, revise your diet, avoid alcohol and smoking and get engaged in some physical exercises as well as meditation to calm those nerves down.

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5. Venous Circulation can also cause Obesity

Obesity caused by venous circulation is the most genetically inherited obesity. In most cases it occurs during pregnancy and in people who suffer from swollen legs. The solution to this problem lies in exercises that are directly stimulating the circulation in the legs, like running, hiking at fast pace or climbing stairs.

6. Inactivity is a major Problem when it comes to Obesity

If you are obese from inactivity, it’s highly likely that the parts of your body that used to be active in the past are most affected. These fat deposits can be eliminated by not allowing starvation to be a part of your diet. You shouldn’t go through long periods of time without food because your body can accelerate metabolism and burn them quickly.

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The main idea of this article is to help you improve your lifestyle and live healthier. If you are determined enough to change your life for the better, you will surely succeed because nothing is impossible. It’s time for you to think of the results ahead of time and the next thing you’ll know, you’re going to end up enjoying your slimmer body in front of the ocean. Your health matters, your body matters, YOU matter!