The body can show a lot about a person, and people analyze. A lot. Some try to discover a person by looking in their eyes, some by their hand movements.

But today, we will show you how to analyze yourself or another person simply by looking at your fingers. And might we add, this is pretty accurate.

Finger Shape

Finger Shape

1. If you have a square and straight finger, it means that you tend to be melancholic and hide your feelings for most of the time.
A very emotional person on the inside, but on the outside you pretend to be a lot stronger and independent than you truly are.

You possess qualities, and among them are the fairness and being very nice to people. You do not like lies and deceptive persons at all. Never showing much emotions, you like to even play cool and arrogant sometimes.

But nevertheless, you have a big heart and love helping others. When it comes to completing tasks, you do them all, whether you like them or not. You love laughing and are overly attached to the people you love, but to those who you don’t know, you are pretty cold.

2. If your finger has a pointy shape, then you are a very loyal person. Once you fall in love, you are extremely dedicated to them. Even though you are not used to approaching people and starting up a conversation first, you can be very determind about certain things.

Once you start something, you don’t stop until you’ve reached your goal. You are quite a sensitive person, but try to hide it. You remain calm in extreme situations but always live with the fear that you will stay alone forever (and that is not true).

You are a soft-hearted person who appears extremely strong on the outside. And finally, you are a true dreamer. You usually dream about a person who would love you unconditionally and give you everything.

3. If the shape of your fingers is knotty and boney, then you are a person that doesn’t hold grudges, but can get upset easily. You are not keep on challenges and do not like being surprised. You respect other people’s thoughts.

Keeping your problems to yourself is a strong side of yours. But, when in a verbal fight with someone, you tend not to choose words and regret the fight afterwards.

And because of that, you have a mellow heart, and anyone who would apologize to you would be forgiven. You like people who you can trust, and you do not want to pretend. Knowing what you want and what you don’t want is one of your strongest sides.