Buying organic food is very important but can be a little bit expensive. On the other hand, consuming chemical pesticides and hormones included in non-organic food can damage your health and can cause serious problems including DNA damage, liver dysfunction, birth defects and cancer. You can avoid putting toxic pesticides in your body by buying organic food as often as you can. If you think your budget is too tight, use this list that can help you prioritize your purchases. It may also help you avoid medical bills.

Foods to Always Buy Organic

Foods to Always Buy Organic

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Milk and Cheese

Not all the milk we consume comes from happy cows who live up the hills. You should know that 20 percent of the milk in U.S. comes from cows who have received a genetically-engineered growth hormone. If you are living on a budget, just remind yourself that organic milk should be a priority for your kids. At the same time, processed cheese is made by using heat and an emulsifying agent in order many variety of cheese to be mixed together before getting to the final product. Monosodium phosphate, calcium citrate and potassium citrate are some of the many emulsifying agents. Processed cheeses can contain dyes and artificial food coloring that are constantly been linked to cancer. You can guess what kind of milk is used for producing processed cheese. That’s right, from the cows that are receiving hormone treatments. Since cheese is great source of protein, it is important to buy an organic one.

Soy, Tofu and Edamame

According to researchers, 90 percent of soybeans sold in the U.S. are genetically-modified. Those “antinutrients” and phytoestrogens found in unfermented soy are causing infertility and an upsurge in low birth weight babies. It has been proven that genetically-engineered soy causes allergies, birth defects and sterility while the offspring deaths are five times higher than normal. Avoid these devastating effects by buying organic soy.

foods to always buy organic

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Conventional meat contains hormones, pesticides and antibiotics because the animals are fed with plants and grains that are grown using synthetic fertilizers and herbicides. Hormones, antibiotics and additives that are found in conventional meat are related to cancer. On the other hand, organic red meat is full of protein, iron and zinc but is expensive. Stick to veggies if you find organic meat to be too expensive for you or cook it only for special occasions.


Organic whole grains can reduce the risk of chronic diseases, while conventional grains contain pesticides that have been known to carry carcinogens and neurotoxins. You can buy organic grains and stock them “for later” in order to save some money.

Apples and Cherries

Apples are great source of fiber and can help improve cardiovascular function, lower bad cholesterol and keep our digestive tract in perfect shape. But 88 percent of conventional apples are full of pesticides residues. You can try to wash them well but they’ll still contain traces of toxic chemicals. Buy organic apples and enjoy the natural sweet taste. Same old story with the cherries… Over 42 pesticides residues are found on their skin. They are full of potassium and they are a good source of fiber and vitamin C, so be sure to check if the cherries you laid eyes on are organic.

foods to always buy organic

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Peaches and Nectarines

Both peaches and nectarines are low in calories and full of healthy vitamins, minerals and fiber. They also contain Lutein, a nutrient that supports healthy eyes and skin. Full of antioxidants, their sweet taste is remarkably addictive in a positive way. However, conventional peaches and nectarines contain over 60 chemicals and toxins. Buy them organic from a local grocery store instead of buying imported ones. If you can’t afford them, you can always buy a conventional cantaloupe.

foods to always buy organic

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Grapes and Strawberries

They are delicious treats that offer a variety of vitamins and minerals. Grapes contain calcium, iron and manganese that are helping the production of healthy tissues. Consuming strawberries is also beneficial for maintaining our health in perfect state. Be sure to buy them organic because conventional grapes and strawberries contain traces of Captan which causes tumor development.

foods to always buy organic

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Tomatoes and Cucumbers

I can’t imagine my life without tomatoes and cucumbers. They are used in so many dishes and are powerful antioxidants. Also they are rich in vitamins that are essential for the immune system. Sadly, the mass produced tomatoes and cucumbers tested positive for toxic chemicals that are carcinogenic. Buy organic instead.

Hot Peppers and Sweet Bell Peppers

Hot peppers contain chemicals that can even fight cancer. They can help relieve nasal congestion too. In the same time, sweet bell peppers are full of nutrients including vitamin A and vitamin C. Both conventional hot peppers and sweet bell peppers tested positive for pesticide residues. Some of them including Methamidophos can even be fatal if used in high dosages. Buy organic peppers or if you can’t afford them, onions can give an extra flavor to your recipes. Onions are tested as clean vegetable, don’t worry.

Collards and Kale

Collards and kale are nutrient-rich foods but when grown on a large scale, they attract lots of pests. Unfortunately, the pesticide residue cannot be totally rinsed off from the leaves. That’s why it is best to buy them organic. There is a price difference between organic and conventionally grown kale or collards but luckily it’s not that big.

foods to always buy organic

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Spinach and Celery

High in vitamins and low in calories, celery and spinach are powerful nutrient-dense foods. Spinach is rich in vitamin K and vitamin A, while celery is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B, fiber and potassium. These superfoods test positive for pesticide residues that contain neurotoxins and carcinogens. If you can’t get them organic, try something else. Lets say, buy asparagus instead of celery. Don’t worry, conventional asparagus is at the top of the clean produce list.

Summer Squash and Zucchini

Summer squash and zucchini are full of vitamin C. Unfortunately the conventional “versions” contain traces of banned pesticides that are highly toxic to humans and wildlife. Purchasing organic ones is always better.

foods to always buy organic

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Rich in fiber and potassium, potatoes are also a great source of energy. Did you know that conventional potatoes often contain neurotoxin chemicals? These chemicals can cause serious mental and emotional changes. It is also known that these neurotoxins can cause vision loss and numbness in arms and legs. If you can’t buy organic potatoes for some reason, you can always buy conventional sweet potatoes instead. They are full of antioxidants and are free of toxic residues.

Be careful what you buy, if you want to stay healthy, that is.