So much of the food we eat nowadays comes from dubious sources. There is so much refinement and processing of the food that you need to be an advanced chemist so you can understand all that.

Even if you try to inform about what ingredients can be harmful, there are some substances on the labels that you cannot even pronounce.

Then how would you know what are you eating? We have some idea of what should we avoid when we read the labels on the packages of the products.

So, in order to avoid these harmful ingredients we look for fresh, whole foods that are from organic origin.

You have probably noticed by now that fruits also have labels on them. And if you were asking what do those labels mean we will answer that question for you.

There can be Three Types of Labels on the Fruit

fruit labels

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1. The label of the fruit might begin with 3 or 4 and have four numbers

This labeling means that intensive agriculture from the second half of the century has been used in its production. In other words, the fruit is grown with pesticides and fertilizers.

2. The number on the label can also have five digits and in that case it will begin with number 8

This labeling means that the fruit is genetically modified. Genetically modified food is something that people are trying to avoid due to all the techniques that are used in producing this food that can be really harmful for human’s health.

3. Lastly, the five digit number on the label can sometimes begin with 9

This is your best choice, since this means that the fruit was grown naturally, in traditional ways. It is free of pesticides and it is completely organic without any chemicals in it.

Therefore try looking for this label when you buy fruit, so you can avoid pumping up your organism with harmful chemicals that can cause numerous health issues and allergies.