The Food and Drug Administration approved a genetically engineered fish for human consumption, which makes it the first genetically altered animal to be cleared for the supermarkets in USA.

FDA approved the salmon that grows much faster than the regular one due to a gene that is inserted in it. They said that there they do not see any difference between the feeding and the biological properties of the GMO produced salmon and the organic one.

Genetically Modified Salmon Safe for Consumption

genetically modified salmon

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Their claims are that the inserted DNA fragment into the salmon does not cause any damage, but it only fastens up the growth of the fish. In fact, the gene also allows the salmon to be raised with 25% less food.

The approval if this salmon got a fierce response from the environmentalists and some consumers. They complain that it endangers personal health and that it can cause a lot of allergies.

Moreover, they also complained that the engineered fish might affect the wild salmon population if it escapes in the ocean or rivers.

However, some scientists claim that the fish is not dangerous for the environment. In addition the FDA said that the salmon are kept in facilities that have multiple barriers that prevent the fish from escaping.

Yet, if by any chance that happens, there is still no danger to the wild salmon, since the genetically engineered ones are all females and made sterile to prevent reproduction.

The fish is only produced in two factories in Canada and Panama, and it is being imported to the United States. If the salmon were bred elsewhere so they could be more available to the American market, they would need additional approval.

The AquaBounty Technologies is the company that will produce the genetically modified salmon, and they said that they have waited for this approval for 12 years.

The company has started this type of raising salmon since 1989. The director of the agency’s Center for Veterinary Medicine says that FDA has analyzed and evaluated all the information brought by the company AquaBounty regarding the salmon, and the fish met all the regulatory requirements for approval.

The salmon is known as the AquAdvantage salmon, and it has been modified to grow faster and bigger than the non-engineered salmon, in half the time.

The gene has been taken from the Chinook salmon, the biggest salmon in the Pacific Ocean, and it also contains a genetic switch from the ocean pout, which is also the largest representative in the family of pouts.


genetically modified salmon

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Moreover, this eel-like animal keeps the transplanted gene active all the time, while the natural growth hormone gene of the salmon is only active parts of the year.

However, people who oppose this approval refuse to eat the fish. Also, many grocery stores in the United States have made a commitment not to sell the genetically modified salmon.

FDA also announced two manuals for labeling products that are genetically modified. One of them lists and describes the rules for labeling the vegetative foods, and the other is completely dedicated to the AquAdvantage salmon and the products made of this fish, including canned food.

This harebrained decision is one more proof that, despite the opposition of most of the citizens and organizations around the world, and all the campaigns against genetically produced food, the federal agencies and the powerful corporations continue with their experiments and approval of new products by the official U.S. government.