Get Rid of Belly Pooch

Combining healthy, clean eating with exercising has always been the right choice that will give you the best results when it comes to your weight and overall health. People are hitting the gym and we’ve seen them reach their weight-loss goal and that’s really great. But every now and then you’ll hear someone complaining about the little extra pooch around the midsection. This is actually a common situation. That pooch can and will disappear but it can also come back again. So what’s exactly the secret? How can you get rid of the belly pooch? In my experience, a trimmer belly will be achieved if you follow these tips:

get rid of belly pooch

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The things you should know Regarding your Eating Habits

Did you know that your belly might not be caused by fat? It can be caused by air trapped in your digestive system. Now, I want you to take a look at your diet and your bathroom schedule. You can be sure that if you’re not getting enough fiber, constipation might be on its way and it can cause bloating. Your daily intake of fiber should be 25 to 30 grams! There’s another explanation though. Eating too much fiber or eating too many gas-producing foods (broccoli, beans, apples) can also make your belly look a little bit ‘swollen’. You can resolve this by eating blueberries which are diminishing belly fat. Flat-belly salad can also keep you regular and help you with the bloated belly.

During your Cardio Sessions try this out

It is proven that in order to diminish stomach fat you have to include interval training in your cardio sessions. Constantly sticking to the same pace while running, swimming or biking is giving some results, but it’s not enough. You should add 10 to 60 second fast-paced intervals or sprinting intervals. This means you have to push to your maximum training and give all you got for a period of time. After this a shorter rest period follows. See what happens when you give the high-intensity interval training a try.

Be Creative during Strength Training

Crunches have always been popular and they can help you tone your abs. Unfortunately, they only target certain abdominal muscles. It’s always better to incorporate full-body exercises. For instance, variations of plank or core moves using a ball. Using different types of equipment also helps. Did you know that you can even use a small hand towel to sculpt your core?

get rid of belly pooch

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Other short tips include:

  • Get rid of processed food
  •  Sugar is strictly forbidden!
  •  Make sure you don’t eat the wrong fats
  •  Spend more time in a stress-free environment
  •  Stay motivated
  •  Always take the stairs, forget about the escalator
  •  Have a good night high-quality sleep

In order to stay motivated, keep in mind that nothing is impossible! We have witnessed mind blowing results! Why be stuck with the thoughts like ‘this or that is hard and cannot be achieved’? Don’t give up after the first attempt. Getting and keeping your physique in shape is a long process and it’s related to a certain healthy lifestyle. And at the end, when you’ll end up being most satisfied with what you have achieved, the feeling of fulfillment and pride will go to your credit only. However, the best reward is ending up having healthy body and mind.