The cellulite and stretch marks are a common issue and present a real problem for many women. There are numerous products found on the market in order to help a women cover up these unwanted marks, yet their efficiency can be sometimes questionable and various side effects might come out due to the unexamined chemicals found among the ingredients.

Get Rid of Cellulite and Stretch Marks

get rid of cellulite and stretch marks

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We know that one of the most used cosmetic agents is the so called peeling or scrub and it comes with a main purpose to remove the dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin by stimulating blood circulation, making the skin look all smooth and shiny after using it.

After testing it, itwas proven that not only it rejuvenates and regenerates the skin, but some peelings can also help you fight the stretch marks and cellulite as it is the matter with this particular scrub we will be taking about.

This particular peeling is actually pretty easy to make, all out of quite affordable ingredients which can without doubt be found in every household and offers some amazing results.

You will get rid of the stretch marks and cellulite in a no time. And in addition to this is the fact that is pretty cheap to make too.

All you need is:

– 250 g sugar;
– 250 g salt – preferable sea salt since it’s enriched with iodine and micro elements which contribute to the skin’s renewal;
– 100-150 ml palm oil or olive oil, or any other vegetable oilmay come as a substitute;

Instructions for usage

Mix all of the ingredients well until you get a thick as a yogurt mixture and rub it on the skin area you want to treat, massaging it around two to three minutes with circular movement every night, but preferable when under the shower.

After you massage it well, rinse the rest of it with warm water and apply some moisturizing lotion or cream on the spot.

You will undoubtedly notice an improvement in your skin after only a month using it. Your stretch marks and cellulite will become less noticeable.

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The best thing about this exfoliating homemade remedy is the fact that is very affordable and can have no side effect on the skin since it’s all naturally made out of home and tested products.

There can be no side effects nor complications of this peeling, so be not afraid to use it every day until the cellulite and stretch mark totally disappear.

Afterwards you can go on and use it as a preventive measure on the difficult parts of the body, but several times a month only.