Removing the flies can be a very difficult task. Apart from being extremely annoying, these insects can be quite dangerous since certain species are carriers of deadly diseases and infections.

Get Rid of Flies

Get Rid of Flies

If you want to get rid of flies, you should try the following simple trick which will help you to keep these irritating insects at bay. Here is a natural and inexpensive remedy that will remove the flies from your home fast and easy.

Home Remedy for Eliminating Flies

This completely safe and chemical-free remedy will help you to remove the flies from your house and garden in no time.


  • Several apples
  • Cloves


In order to make this remedy, you should stick the cloves in the apples. Place the apples all around your yard, garden, kitchen, and every other place where you want to spend your relaxing time.

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This method of eliminating the flies is very effective because the flies are attracted by the apples, but they loathe the smell of the cloves.

The cloves are powerful natural fly repellents which will immediately remove these insects from your home.