I admit, I was amazed when I saw my friend Bryan for the first time in 5 months. He is 6 ft tall and has always been in good shape but this time he looked different. He looked somehow refreshed and energetic. It was a cold winter and the moment he took off his coat I saw the slim waist. What happened? He said he is back on his ‘high school weight’. For the record, Bryan is 32 years old, 6 ft tall and now weights 165lbs. How can that be? Is that even healthy? I knew he is picky in restaurants, has zero cooking experience and only works out during summer, so I assumed he tried a new diet.



He said he read Novak Djokovic’s book Serve to Win, and after that he decided to try out this talked about gluten-free diet. (Check out the book review here.) He said it was hard at first, he couldn’t eat his favorite croissants and became even more picky. He had to turn to boiled veggies, fresh fruits and lean meat. He told me that gluten-free diet is actually pretty good and healthy way to loose your pounds around the waist because gluten is actually the main reason for those ‘swimming rubber ring’ we are carrying with us.

Set of grunge rubber stamps with the text gluten free written inside, vector illustration


I’ve always been interested in healthy diets and food experiments so I’ve decided to try it out, without reading the book, that is.

I was determined to win this. Bryan told me to call him in a week or so, just to give him my report on how things are going. Without sensing I had a really big problem at the beginning, I started the diet. You see, I skip breakfast since I was 10 years old. Big mistake! I get up at 9 am, and I don’t feel hungry till 15h. How? I drink 2 black coffees, sometimes I eat a banana or apple and that’s it. It keeps me stuffed. I know, I’m unique, I just don’t know how I got in this situation. I know that healthy life-stylists will hate me but my biggest and most delicious meal is at midnight. And is consisted of lots of gluten-bread or pasta. That was my problem. I don’t really eat stuff that contain gluten during the day, but I love it at night.


via flickr by Migle licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

Here’s my report that I don’t want to share with Bryan:

Day 1 – Not big of a deal, ate lots of fruit, tons actually, drank gallons of water, midnight – two servings of my home made ice cream.

Day 2 – I had to turn to rice and veggies, fresh salads, midnight – 2 bananas with honey and crushed walnuts.

Day 3 – Feeling very, very hungry, ate 3 apples in 20 minutes and I had a feeling my stomach is empty again. My partner was making french toast but I resisted. That smell… so tempting. I made roasted potatoes and carrots with rosemary instead. Ate 3 portions at once – still hungry.

Day 4 – I noticed that I never were a gluten junky. I didn’t miss bread or pasta. I missed the moment when I feel full and content. I just couldn’t stand the feeling of constant hunger. I don’t get it, all I’m doing these days is eat-eat-eat. I’ve bought tons of fruit and veggies and apparently it’s not enough. Scale report – lost 2 lbs. Wow!

Day 5 – I can’t, I just can’t do this. I was invited to a party and I was gazing the snacks and sandwiches with great horror, like they were poisonous. Also I didn’t drink any alcohol nor sodas. I’m determined, right?! Go-go-go!

Day 6 – That’s it. I want to EAT. I want my midnight bread with mayo, cheese, scallion and tomato topping!

I didn’t make it. On the sixth day the temptation was unbearable. I felt ashamed. I mean, when I say I’m doing something, my practice shows I’m going to win that. I know how I am. I’m a fighter and a winner. But something went wrong. I’m an excellent cook and I know every nutrition that is.

I summarized my mistakes

 I rushed into this psychologically unprepared
 I didn’t eat enough nuts and seeds
 I didn’t bake my own gluten-free bread or cookies.

My friend warned me it would be hard at the beginning and I’m determined to try it again in a week or so. I assure you, Bryan already has the same body Novak Djokovic has. Can you blame me for being envious?

Check out whether I won my fight against gluten in Round No. 2. Get the ring ready!