Cancer is one of the worst terminal diseases. The standard cancer treatment, involving chemotherapy, radiation, or in worst cases surgery, can cause many side effects since your healthy tissues and organs are likely to get affected.

In order to avoid any additional health problems and unwanted consequences, many patients turn to more natural approaches for treating cancer.

A recent research finds a new, completely safe and natural, cure for this deadly disease, grape seed. According to the research, the consumption of the grape seed extract is effective in destroying the cancer cells within only one day.

Research Proves That Grape Seed Extract Kills 80% of the Cancer Cells

Grape Seed

A recent research, conducted by the University of Kentucky, examined the effects that the grape seed extract has on cancer.

According to the results of the research, this extract has an ability to destroy almost 80% of the cancer cells. The medical experts found out that the usage of grape seed extract leads to a cell death, or apoptosis, within only 24 hours. The results of this research were published in the American Association for Cancer Research magazine.

Many other studies have analyzed the cancer-fighting effects of numerous natural ingredients. The grape seed extract was proven to be one of the most promising cures for this disease.

Although this extract has never been tested in hematological cancers, it has shown a great potential in various laboratory cancer cell lines, including lung, skin, colon, stomach, prostate, and breast cancers.