After experiencing major pains in the vaginal part, this girl decided to visit her gynecologist. And the thing he discovered was not only unbelievable, but odd at the same time.

She was diagnosed with hairballs in her vagina. And as you all would think, so did she, that the hairs actually come from her own hair.



Strangely, but they weren’t hers, but her cats’. Taking regard that she has cats with which she shares the bed, it’s no doubt that the hairs ended up in her vagina.

You might be asking how in the world can these hairballs get stuck there like that, if she didn’t put them herself.

Well, she was also sharing the bed with her boyfriend, and as you might imagine at the moment, the hairballs have probably stuck in her vagina during one of their sexual acts.

I bet you will rethink twice before letting the cats in your bed again.

Even though they’re sweet animals, they still have and leave lots of hair wherever they go, thence you should either clean up your whole place, including the beds and sofas on every thirty minutes, or try and keep your pets away from them, in order not to end up experiencinga hairy situation like this.