Joint pain is so uncomfortable, isn’t it? If the condition gets worse, you even might not be able to perform the slightest daily task. Pain in your back, lower back or legs is just adding more trouble to the existing problem.

This health issue is widespread among the majority of people and if you don’t start to treat it right away, the problem will worsen as time goes by. As a matter of fact, aging is an ally of arthritis and joint pain.

Most often, people rely on painkillers, sprays, and balms to treat this condition, but over the counter solutions are not always helpful.

Some of the natural ways to treat physical pain include a few days long rest, getting some hot or cold therapy, do proper and regular stretches, massages with essential oils etc.

But this time we’re about to share another completely natural remedy that you can make at home so you can cure your pain that creates uneasiness in your life.

This article is about a recipe for a natural remedy which is very effective in relieving joint pain, back pain and pain in the legs. You will be surprised when you’ll find out which ingredient consists in this 3 in 1 pain reliever – gelatin!

What’s so Special about Gelatin


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Gelatin contains two amino acids, hydroxyproline and proline that are significantly beneficial for the recovery of the connective tissues. What’s also momentous, it provides strength to the joints and heart muscles, improves skin health as well as the metabolism itself.

Here are the ingredients that you need for this recipe:

Ingredients:                                  Quantity:
• Any edible organic gelatin        5.5 oz / 150 grams
• Cold water                                  2 oz / 60 milliliters

Let’s start with the preparation:

Pour two teaspoons of edible organic gelatin in a glass. Fill the glass with 2 oz of refrigerated cold water.

You need to mix the ingredients very well. After that, cover the glass and leave it overnight. This way the gelatin will form a jelly and the remedy will be ready. It’s very easy to make this mixture, right?

How to use it:

You have to drink this remedy early in the morning on an empty stomach. You can always add more water, honey, sour milk or yogurt in order to enrich its taste. It’s up to you to choose the combination that will provide the flavor that works best for you.

This Effective Method Relieves Pain within 7 Days

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However, it is advisable that you consume it for a month, then make a pause, and repeat the procedure after 6 months.

It is stated that this mixture will provide lubrication to the joints and reduce the unbearable pain. If you are longing for a pain free-life, this is the right remedy for you.

Please be noted, this article is just for informational purposes only. The natural remedy is very helpful, but this shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. If your pain is getting worse, please consult your doctor.