One can suffer from a bad breath and often knows the cause. For instance, if one consumes food containing peculiarly strong ingredients, like garlic. Sometimes a dental issue can cause a bad breath. In addition, smoking, drinking alcohol, yeast infections of the mouth, stomach issues or some medications can directly contribute to having a bad breath. But there are times when even the dentists cannot discover the exact reason for this unpleasant condition.

how to get rid of bad breath


Individuals that suffer from bad breath often use breath fresheners, but no matter how often they use them or how devoted they are to maintaining their dental hygiene, they simply cannot find a way to get rid of the odor.
In case you don’t know the reason and if you are still searching for an answer, think about tonsil stones for once. Tonsil stones make a good reason for having a bad breath.


How to get Rid of Bad Breath

If you are wondering how exactly tonsils are involved, take a look at them. Can you notice the little dots on the tonsils? They make your breath smell really awful. Those exact stones release a gas that has a nasty odor, more sulfur-like odor. They are also known as tonsilloliths.

In fact, tonsil stones are benign accumulations of debris and bacteria in the crypts of the tonsils. Said in a simple way, they are a compound of bacteria, mucus and calcified food that was being collected in the back of the throat. Having tonsil stones is not dangerous, however it may cause discomfort, bath breath and sometimes pain during swallowing food.

how to get rid of bad breath

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It can happen the tonsil stones to fall off by themselves and in other cases they are surgically removed. As part of a common treatment, doctors recommend to simply scrape them off with a toothbrush. Gargling with salt water can also be helpful, since salt water is dislodging them. If the tonsil stones are deeply embedded, you should see an ear, nose and throat specialist for a removal of the stones. Tonsils themselves can be removed if tonsil stones are formed too often.

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