Apart from being very pleasurable, being a good kisser is a key ingredient to a successful relationship. There are certain aspects that can make some kisses better than others.

In order to make your partner even more attracted to you, you should know exactly how to kiss him. Luckily, kissing is an art that can be mastered easily. Here are some tips on how to become a great kisser.

Let him be aware of your intentions

Before kissing a guy, you should subtly let him know exactly what’s on your mind. While talking to him, you should focus on his lips.

Look down to his lips every now and then, and hold the glance for a couple of seconds. Initially, he may not notice what you are doing, but after a while, he’ll know exactly what is going on.

Slow down your talking speed and slightly lean in closer to him. If he is copying what you are doing, he wants to kiss you too.

Let him kiss you

When you are about to kiss a guy, you shouldn’t do all the work. You should let the guy be the one who leads the kiss and who takes over. Unless you want to be the dominant one, you should allow him to kiss you first.

Start by kissing slowly and softly

When the two of you kiss, you should start slowly. Purse your lips gently, and softly massage his lips with yours.

Start by massaging his bottom lip, and then move to the top lip. After a while, you can change the tactics and get more aggressive, but don’t overdo it. Use just enough force to let him know that you are passionate.

Change your head position

While kissing, many women forget that they are focusing on one side of their partner’s face only. When you lean your head to one side is comfortable and enjoyable, but you shouldn’t neglect the other side of his face. Occasionally, make sure that you change your head position.

Kiss him in other places besides his lips

If you focus only on your partner’s lips, you are missing out on many other erogenous zones on his body which are very pleasurable to be kissed. When you get tired of only kissing his lips, you should move on to his cheek, his neck, or his ear.

Use your teeth

In order to make the kiss more passionate, you should use your teeth. By doing so, you should be as gentle as possible.

Be careful so that you won’t hurt him. Softly squeeze his top or bottom lip between your teeth, or slowly run your teeth over his lips.

Practice makes perfect

You can use a lot of different ideas and techniques that can help you to become a great kisser. However, you should keep in mind that doing them perfectly the first time you try them is a bit unrealistic.

When you try something new, it is completely natural and normal for the things to be little awkward. However, it will soon become a second nature to you if you see it as something you are practicing.