If you are trying to lose weight you are probably aware that you should stop drinking soda and juices, and replace them with plain, noncarbonated water. However, not many of you may know the following fact. Namely, drinking water before you eat can help you lose weight even faster. This has been scientifically proved with a research conducted by the University of Birmingham that was published in the Obesity.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week

how to lose 10 pounds in a week

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The research included 80 participants, all adults, who went under personal consultation about their current weight. The research took 12 weeks and half of the respondents were given 1 or 2 glasses of water 30 minutes before they eat. The other half were told to imagine that they are not hungry before their meal.

Although the results of the research were different, both groups lost weight. Those who drank water before their meal lost more weight than the other group. The difference was 3 pounds. The weight loss was between 2 to 10 pounds, with the group drinking water achieving the better results. However, there was also a difference in weight loss among the participant in the group who drank water. Namely, some of them drank water before every meal, and some before one or two meals. To control their water intake the researchers tested their urine daily and the participants were surveyed.

According to Dr. Helen Paretti, the initiator of the research, it takes no time to take on a new healthy habit like this one. In fact, the researchers, along with the other factors, tracked how much the participants of the research were physically active. No matter how much each group exercised, there was not a big difference based on that data. The thing that made them lose weight was their diet plan. They were given instructions on healthy diet.

In another study the respondents were told to eat low-calorie starters before each meal. The study showed that people who consumed starters like water, salad, yogurt and other foods that do not have a lot of calories, lost more weight that those who did not eat or drink anything before they ate. Moreover, in a 3-months period the starters-consuming group lowered the chances of cardiovascular disease.