Many people feel less self-esteemed due to their round faces with double chin and chubby chicks. Having extra fat on your face is not just a cosmetic issue, but it can indicate many health issues as well. This is a problem many people face and they desperately want to get rid of it.

What can Cause Extra Face Fat

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Nutrition is very important, and what you eat can either give you double chin, or fresh appearance. So, it is your choice which one you want. One of the main reasons why you have a face fat may be because you are overweight.

Also, the food you need does not provide your organism with the essential nutrients. If your food contains too much sugar, salt, fat, and carbs it is very likely that you will have this problem.

Moreover, note enough water, stress and lack of sleep can be also some of the factors. Lastly, it can also be due to genetics and it can have nothing to do with any external factors.

3 Ways how to Lose Face Fat

1. Drink Water

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It is important for your organism to retain water if you want to lose fat anywhere on the body, and that includes your face. Water actually acts as an agent that is able to dissolve wastes that have been accumulated in your body, and can do a lot of harm.

Moreover, your skin will look clear, fat-free and glowing. In order to achieve that, you must drink a lot of water. If your organism contains high levels of sugar, salt or alcohol, it can result in bloated and fuller looking face. All these can be eliminated just by drinking water and eliminating these ingredients from your nutrition.

2. Make Strict Changes in Your Diet


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The human body contains both good fat that fastens your metabolism and helps you lose weight, and bad fat, that actually contributes to gaining more weight.

Therefore, you should maintain a balanced diet, and try to eat foods that contain too much of this bad fat. You need to include just enough calories that your body needs in order to burn energy, and no more than that.

Foods like fish, nuts, olive oil and many more contain omega-3 fatty acid, which is the good fat that should be included in your diet plan.

These fatty acids are crucial if you want your metabolism to work efficiently and help you lose fat. It is very important that you eliminate fast food, sodas and alcohol, and eat foods that give you the right nutrients.

Those include natural oils, fish, salmon, almonds, and everything that is farm-raised and organic. Processed food should be avoided altogether.

3. Do Physical and Facial Exercises

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None of the abovementioned solutions will be effective if you do not combine them with some exercises. Water, food, and physical activity is the perfect trio.

There are some exercises that specifically target the facial area. And the best part is that these exercises do not require sweating and putting too much effort.

These exercises are good for your eyes, lips, forehead, neck, jaw, cheeks, and if you do them right you will get fast results. Facial exercise makes your face muscles firmer and it helps in reducing wrinkles.

Facial exercises you can practice:

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  • Jaw line exercise: Blow air from the mouth as hard as you can while looking upwards. It will result in stronger jaw line.
  • Cheeks exercise: Suck your mouth inside your cheeks to make a fish face. Repeat five times.
  • Chubby cheek exercise: Fill your mouth with air and close your lips. Move your face in a manner that the air trapped inside your mouth circulates, or moves from one side to the other. Repeat this exercise every day for 5 minutes.
  • Open your eyes wide, concentrate, and stare at a particular spot in front of you without blinking. Stare for 10 seconds, relax, and repeat again. Do this 4 to 5 times.
  • Take deep breaths and exhale 4 to 5 times.

You would get even better results if you combine these facial exercises with some workouts that will make you lose fat on other parts of your body. Run, do aerobics, climb the stairs, do yoga and just engage in any physical activity you can.

Extra Advice

You need to combine the three methods above if you want to lose facial fat. One cannot go without the other. If you are consistent you will not have to spend a fortune on plastic surgeries to get rid of that double chin that bothers you so much or lift up your cheeks.

You need to eat healthy and provide all the good nutrients for your body. Moreover, drink a lot of water for a fresher look, and do the physical and facial exercises regularly.