What if you found out that there is only one exercise can replace 1000 abs exercises and help you get rid of that flabby belly, giving you a toning, flat abdomen?

This is claimed to be possible by fitness experts. Everyone want to have a perfect stomach but don’t want to do any difficult exercises. So, in addition, we give you an exercise which will help you reach this dream look.

How to Make your Stomach Flat

How to Make your Stomach Flat

The exercise is known as the plank. It is called that way because the weight of the entire body stands on the arms and toes, while the rest of the body is, you guessed – still like a plank.

This will not only help you reach a flat stomach, but will also help your body posture and release back pain. The only thing you have to make sure of is that your body is in the right position.

Now, in order to try this workout, you have to put your hands to the floor and yet keep your neck and shoulders straight.

You may feel a small burning sensation in your legs, but it is because the pressure that goes right to the toes activates your thigh muscles. Then, contract the muscles on the butt, and try not to lift it up but keep it in a straight position.

Focus on your breathing, let it be evenly and slowly. This will help you get the most out of this position.

Another tip to keep yourself still, without any movements is to imagine that there is a glass of water on your back, and focus on keeping that glass and the water inside it still.

And now, let’s try the exercise. Place your elbows and hands to the floor, back straight and your head in line with it.

Put the right leg on the floor, thus pressuring your toes, and entire body, then do it with the other leg. Afterwards, contract your stomach muscles for half a minute. Then relax a bit.

In order to get the wanted results, every time you do this exercise, do it three times consecutively. You should see the results within the week.