The leading condition which causes the largest number of deaths in the USA is the heart attack. It occurs when there is a sudden blockage or narrowing of a coronary artery and the heart does not have enough supply of oxygen and blood. The reason this artery is blocked is because a plaque in it breaks, builds up, and forms blood clots. As a result, that part of the heart is a dead tissue and you suddenly start feeling an irresistible affliction and intense pressure in your chest. After the heart attack, your body is trying to survive and that takes a lot of power from the rest of your organs, which results in exhaustion.

How to Prevent Heart Attacks

However, if you pay attention to the signs your body is telling you, you can spot it a month before it actually happens.

how to prevent heart attacks

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Cold sweats and Dizziness

First, be aware if you constantly feel dizzy and you experience cold sweats. In the event this happens to you make an appointment with your therapist immediately.

Chest Pressure

Next, a pressure in your chest is an apparent indication of a heart attack. Do not get mislead and ignore it, thinking that it’s nothing worth worrying about. That is a common mistake by a lot of people who have neglected this sign and experienced a cardiovascular disease.


Among other things, another threatening sign is the lack of energy. You will feel weak most of the time because of the narrowing of the coronary artery and the insufficiency of blood and oxygen in your body. Take precaution should this be the case, before it is too late.

Cold and Flu Symptoms

The fourth indication is the influenza. If you feel like you are having flu and you feel cold, check with a doctor before your heart fails. Also, you may feel a constant fatigue. You may not have the willingness or the strength to do anything. The lack of blood stream in your body may make you feel laid-back and exhausted all the time.

Shortness of Breath

Lastly, the most dangerous sign of all is the reduction of air in your chest. Since the blockage in your arteries causes lack of blood supply, and therefore, oxygen, you will feel breathless. Your lungs may hurt because of the effort to get some air. Do not disregard this symptom whatsoever, and call your physician for examination promptly.

how to prevent heart attacks

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Take care of your wellbeing and do not overlook these obvious signs. Mostly, people try to avoid hospitals and making a routine check, but they are hugely mistaken. On the chance that some of the abovementioned signs happens, it is a warning that you need to listen to your body and make an appointment. Your health is the most priceless thing you possess, so make sure you do not set it aside.