Coffee addicts find it difficult to start the day without the smell and taste of that black gold. I can assure you, some of them can’t even function properly without an espresso, not to mention the sprinkled lattes. I’m a former coffee addict. When I decided to go a little caffeine-free, my determination was so strong, I knew I’ll make it. These are some of the stuff that helped me. I modified them into tips intended just for you, the stranger who wants to take the ‘lonely’ road to the coffee-free community.

8 Tips How to Quit Coffee

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At the very beginning, choose the day when the rest of your coffee-free life begins. It’s best to start on the weekend because of the away-from-work, low-stress effect. In my experience, starting in the middle of a week gives better results than starting in Mondays.

Early in the morning, before or after shower, have ginger tea or lemon water. It will keep your arm busy with that up-and-down motion, if that’s part of the morning ritual you think you’ll miss.

If you have the habit of drinking coffee during breakfast, switch the black hot drink with some crystal clear mineral water. Don’t forget to add slice of lemon and ice in it. You’ll find this so refreshing.

As we mentioned breakfast, add extra fresh fruit in the first week of your coffee abstinence. It will keep you full and will give you additional energy.

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Have another healthy hot and organic drink before lunch. Variety of tea leaves are showing us the alternative way. Maybe green tea with drops of lemon juice? Actually, no. Since green tea contains small amounts of caffeine, reduce the amount of daily intake and switch to peppermint tea. And no colas either.

Make sure you eat healthy foods during the caffeine withdrawal. Caffeine actually inhibits the healthy nutrition and you have to make up for this. I recommend leafy greens, fruits and vegetables, healthy protein and healthy fat (avocados are great for this). Consuming healthier and organic food will make you feel much better.

Drink lots of water! Have a big one or two every hour, especially before meals. Water will flush out your toxins and prevent caffeine withdrawal headaches.

Get rid of the coffee in your house. Update your kitchen shelves with organic beverages. Try to add some cinnamon in your hot cocoa. Priceless effect during the day. Ditch the cinnamon in your cocoa in the evenings and add few teaspoons of milk. This version offers a relaxing effect and will help your sleep.

Be determined! You’re meant to succeed. Keep your attention on the things you’ll gain and not on the things you’ll loose.

Try some easy exercise in your living room or take a walk to calm your thoughts, if coffee used to do that.

Socialize with precaution. You don’t need a coffee mug to chat with your friends. Order freshly squeezed juice in the cafeteria. You think your friends would mock you? Actually they’d be interested in hearing your story. At the end, I’m almost sure they’ll be supportive.

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After a week have passed without any sip of coffee, you may consider yourself a finalist in this coffee-free marathon. You’re on the right track trying to brake this habit or addiction, call it whatever you like. If my starting message was suppose to be “Good luck”, now my closing statement is: “Well done!”