How to Stop Overeating

Me and my friends had a lovely evening gathering at my place. My friends are all smart and funny and since they are all into healthy lifestyle I’ve come up to an idea. I made them recommend some strange tip on how to stop over-eating. But there was a rule – they must had tried the tip in practice to see whether it works. Here are some of their strange experiences.

how to stop overeating

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Switching to smaller plates

If you use smaller plates the same amount of food you have previously placed in big wide plate will look totally different. Your meal will totally overwhelm the smaller plate. In other words, serving your food in smaller plates looks like having 2 serves at once. It won’t allow you to ask for more after you’re stuffed with an average meal portion. This tip works.

how to stop overeating

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Using your non-dominant hand

Try to eat using your non-dominant hand. For instance, right handed people should try to reach snacks with their left hand and reverse. That way you’ll find yourself eating 20% less than before. This tip also works.

Drink from tall and thin glasses

This is really a very good way to cut down your drinking. Some say the amount of liquid put in short, jar-like glass can be equally put in thin tall glass. I don’t think so. Test this theory if you don’t believe me. Drinking from thin glasses cuts down the calorie intake because the amount of liquid is definitely not the equal to the jar-like glasses. This tip works.

Mirror in the kitchen

Have you ever thought about placing a mirror in your kitchen? Once an experiment was done regarding this matter. Both healthy and unhealthy foods were placed on a table and a mirror right behind them. The researchers found out that looking at the mirror while choosing our food makes us more self-conscious and we’re heading for the healthy food. I’ve never tried this one but I might actually do this.

Chewing a gum

This is a bit controversial. It is believed that chewing a gum when you feel hungry can result in cutting down calorie intake. Going for the fruit flavored gum is advisable because mint flavored gum gives rather strange taste to the food we grab next. To be honest, this works but I don’t like chewing gums.

how to stop overeating

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Eat more slowly

It is a well known fact that people who eat quickly consume more. If you want to eat less make sure you slow down while eating. You can also make short breaks between bites with putting your fork on the plate. This tip works. I’m a really fast eater. But when I eat in company, conversations make me take short breaks during eating.

Using red plates

Research shows that people eat fewer snacks when food is served on red plates. I guess this might be true because red is often associated with STOP. Anyway, I’ve never tried out this claim. Maybe I should, just to see what happens.

how to stop overeating

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Turn the TV off when you eat

We eat more when we watch TV, we know that, thank you very much. But I never new that turning the TV off means consuming 50% less. Now that’s something. I stopped watching TV a long time ago and when I eat I wanna devote to every taste in my dish. This works, I can bet on it.

Take a photo of your unhealthy food

It is believed that by taking photographs of our unhealthy meals, we can cut down our unhealthy eating for 1/3. I will have check with Instagram with this one.

how to stop overeating

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Avoid different varieties of food

Whenever we see lots of different varieties, we are tempted to try a bit of everything. To eat less serve the same amount of food but cut down the variety. This definitely works. I’ve tried it while hosting dinner parties.

how to stop overeating

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I hope you liked what my friends had to say about over-eating. I know I did.