Perfect white-colored clothes are the dream of every housewife. But unfortunately, as time passes, the white clothes become darker and there is no way to change that.

And imagine that your favorite white dress or shirt in those clothes, turning grayish color, or even a bit yellow. Well, in these situations, how to restore the freshness of the clothes and make the white laundry white again?

How to Wash White Clothes

How to Wash White Clothes

Definitely don’t try synthetic bleach, for it will make the situation of your clothes even worse than it already is.

Fortunately, there are some amazing ingredients which can help you restore the freshness of your clothes. The natural bleacher we’re about to share with you has been passed through generations over many centuries.

You will not have to buy expensive laundry products or bleachers anymore. Sometimes old tricks work too. Consider trying potassium permanganate. You will be very satisfied with the results.

Here is what you have to do. Go to the store and buy some potassium permanganate. Add a few crystals of it to 10 liters of water. The solution you ought to get should be pink in color.

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The color you’re after is something like dark purple. Remember that putting more of the substance in the water will not make things better. So, the next step is stirring 200 grams of your detergent in this solution.

Now, your solution is ready. Put your clothes in it and let them soak overnight. Cover the liquid with the clothes with a nylon bag.

Don’t worry if your solution does not have a very attractive color, it is important that it works on your clothes. After soaking them overnight, simply transfer them into the washing machine. Wash them as you usually would.

You can do this process the other way around too. First, wash your clothes and then put them in the solution. But it you do it in this order, then remember to rinse your clothes after pulling them out of the solution, and then hang them to dry. You can repeat this procedure as many times as you wish, until you get the wanted results.

Another tip for today is that you can also use baking soda to make your clothes whiter. It is a cheap solution, and pretty easy to use. Just add two or three tablespoons to your detergent.

Other than the benefit you will get out of it by whitening your clothes, the baking soda has other properties too. It will make your detergent even more powerful and will soften the water.

Many women prefer using baking powder over any other synthetic bleacher. It will turn your clothes to pure white with the blink of an eye.

We hope that these tips are of great value to you. Try them now and enjoy your white clothes all over again.