Have you ever wanted to stand face to face with the real Hulk? Are you a fan of comic books, superheroes and villains?

Well we might just hit your soft spot with this one – The amazing and incredible Hulk is not just a character anymore, he is very much real!



You probably should have seen the incredible Hulk in movies, comics, because he is a fictional superhero appearing in them. Well, this guy who looks exactly like him, is amazing too! He seriously seems like he is out of this world.

He is gigantic, and on the internet he is often compared to the fictional superhero! He comes from Iran, and his name is Sajad Gharibii.


This man is probably the biggest man you have ever seen, and you will ever see. His properties and proportions are abonormally llarge, making him appear exactly like Hulk. He is often stopped on the streets and asked whether he has special powers, abilities and so on.


But, let us be real here. We have only seen him on pictures. Yes, he does look like a rather large human, but there is a question here that needs to be answered.


This has been debated at large, and no answer has been given so far. Some people tend to believe that his appearance is due to him being that much overweight, that it does not look like he is a human anymore.


Others, on the other side, stick to their belief that this is a mere Photoshop prank by a person with (obviously) a lot of spare time.


What do you believe in? Before you jump into any conclusions, make sure you check out his Instagram profile and look thoroughly at all of his pictures.


Are you still certain about whatever opinion you had in the first place? This is a difficult one, and until we actually see Mr. Gharibii in flesh, right in front of our eyes, no matter the circumstances, we would still not be able to believe anything. Until then, let this stay a sort of a mystery to you.