Recently, an unusual divorce experience drew a lot of attention about a man who was cheating on his wife with her sister.

The husband decided to leave his wife, but instead of confronting the situation, he informed her that he is moving away with his sister-in-law by writing a letter.


However, this decision soon backfired on him in a way he could never have imagined. While the wife was expected to be severely affected by her husband’s confession, it turned out that she got the better end of their divorce.

The Husband Leaves His Wife for Her Sister

After 7 years of being married, the two spouses have drifted apart. One morning, the husband reached his breaking point after receiving a phone call from his wife’s boss, informing him that she quit her job.

That day, he decided to write her a letter, saying that he is moving away to West Virginia with her sister Carla. In the letter, he wrote that he was unsatisfied with his marriage because she took no notice of anything he does, his new haircut, the dinner he prepared for her, and the new pair of silk boxers he bought.

Regardless of making such efforts, she ate her favorite meal in 2 minutes, watched her soaps, and went straight to sleep without noticing how hard he is trying to save their marriage.

He assumes that she has stopped loving him or that she is cheating on him, so he leaves her without confronting her in person.

His Wife Surprises Him with a Shocking Response

When the wife arrived home, she found her husband’s letter and decided to reply to it. Instead of being upset and frustrated as expected, she wrote that receiving his letter has made her glad and happy.

She explains that she spends a lot of time watching her soaps because she can’t stand his constant whining. She says that she noticed his new haircut, but since she didn’t have anything good to say about it, she decided not to say anything at all.

And when he cooked her favorite meal, the wife assumes that he had probably confused her with her sister because she hadn’t eaten pork for 7 years.

As for the new silk boxers, she turned away because the $49.99 price tag was still on them, so she hoped that the $50 that her sister borrowed from her that same day was just a mere coincidence.

Despite everything that he has done to her, she still hoped that they can save their marriage. So, when she won 10 million dollars on a lottery this morning, she quit her job and bought them 2 tickets to Jamaica.

But, he has left before she came home, and his letter ensures that he wouldn’t get a dime from her. She ends her letter by wishing him best of luck with her sister Carla, who actually was her born brother Carl.