Gareth Clear, a 36-year-old Australian man, decided to go out cycling on Sunday afternoon near Sydney, with his new iPhone 6 in his back pocket.



While cycling, he missed a pedal, lost his balance, and fell from his bike, which led to an explosion of his iPhone. Suddenly, he noticed a plume of smoke coming from his back pocket. He felt an enormous pain, and he was immediately hospitalized.

The iPhone Explosion Left the Man with Third-Degree Burns on His Right Thigh

After the explosion, Mr. Clear’s phone was stuck to his leg, melting away his shorts and causing him third-degree burns. He saw a black discharge down his leg, and he noticed a smell of phosphorus.

In severe pain, he went back to the town, and he was admitted to Royal North Shore hospital, where he received a skin graft.

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It is assumed that this unfortunate incident occurred because the lithium batteries which are used in the iPhones are susceptible to an explosion on overheating.

Mr. Clear decided to share his painful experience in order to warn the people about the potential hazard of using these devices.

He posted a few images of his burns on Twitter to raise awareness among the iPhone users, claiming that he was pretty lucky because he suffered an injury in the lower part of his body and that the iPhones can cause much more severe injuries that his burns. Apple is currently in direct contact with Mr. Clear to investigate the incident.