Do you know how important the kidneys are to the body? They filter about 150 quarts of blood every single day. They keep the blood flow stable and thus control the function of every organ in the body.

They prevent the building up of extra waste or fluids in the body. They regulate the blood pressure, keep the bones strong and healthy and produce red blood cells.

Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure

So, you will probably guess right – that if the kidneys stop functioning properly your body will weaken. So, for you to keep your body healthy and strong you must not overlook the signs a broken kidney sends to you. Here are some symptoms of a poorly functioning kidney.

  • One symptom of failing kidneys can be the swelling of the arms, legs, feet, ankles. This means that the kidneys cannot remove the excess fluids from the body.
  • You will notice some changes in the urination, like for an example, you are going to pee blood, your urine may be dark and in smaller amounts or pale, but in large amounts. Furthermore, it can be foamy, you may experience difficulties urinating and that may often happen in the middle of the night.
  • When the kidneys cannot remove the toxic waste from the body, they transfer the toxins throughout the entire body and the first sign of it the appearance of a skin rash. The skin will become dry and irritated, and ointments may help, but in the long term, the best solution is to visit your doctor for further instructions on how to treat the kidneys in order to get your skin back to normal.
  • The kidneys produce a hormone that with the help of the red blood cells carries oxygen through the body. So, when the kidneys are not functioning as they should, number of red blood cells decreases and that leads to fatigue and even anemia. This can also lead to shortness of breath as well.
  • You are going to have a metalic feeling in your mouth. It will make your food taste different, it will lead to a bad breath, and you are going to experience some food preferences or even loss of appetite.
  • When the kidneys are failing, the upper back reacts with an extreme pain and spasms.
  • Finally, when kidney failure occurs, there is not enough oxygen flow to the brain so you can get memory loss, dizziness and you will lack focus and concentration.

But, in order to change all of this, you can consume foods which are good for your kidneys and they can help you get their function back to normal. The first thing you should definitely do is drink plenty of water during the day.

Our bodies are mostly made up out of water, so dehydration plays an important role in the health of the kidneys. You can add some lemon or cucumber slices to the water it you like.

Next, from the food department we have red peppers, every kind of cabbage, onions, basically every food that is low in potassium.

You can eat them raw or serve them to the side of any meal, or even cook them as part of the ingredients in a healthy meal.

Foods filled with antioxidants are the way to go. These are the kidney friendly foods that you should definitely consume on a daily basis. Take care of yourself, add some good nutrition into your body every day.